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3 top massage guns

3 muscle relaxing massage guns UK

Why people use massage guns!

Massage guns have been super popular over the last few years with some athletes claiming their recovery and performance have improved through use. So, what are the top benefits of using a massage gun?

• You can do it yourself
• Easy to use and user friendly
• Convenient
• Portable (Travel friendly)
• Release muscle spasms and stiffness
• Prevent injury
• Promote blood flow
• Helps muscle recovery

How do massage guns work?

These trendy little gadgets come in the shape of a drill like piece of equipment. They have interchangeable ends to target different areas of the body but the most used and efficient is the ball shaped end.

The massage guns pulse back and forth and when applied to your muscles this can help to reduce tension, tightness, restriction and more!

3 easy to order amazon massage guns

HOPSO Massage gun – This massage gun comes in a sleek carbon or plain black design. With the 6 additional heads the Hopso massage gun comes with, this makes it easier to target those trickier areas. The indicator comes in a touch screen style, keeping this equipment modern and stylish.
Hopso also comes with up to 30 different vibration modes, meaning you can tailor the setting to what works best for you.
Charging time is approximately 4 hours and on the lower settings, this massage gun can get up to 8 hours of battery life.
The weight is approximately 1kg meaning it’s easy to operate and the anti-slip grip makes it easier and more comfortable to hold.

RENPHO Massage gun – The Renpho massage gun is available in a stylish blue or a cooling black. It comes with 5 massage heads meaning there’s plenty of choice to reach those troublesome tight spots.
Battery life is advertised as being able to last for a weeks’ worth of workouts and has a cool 10 m minute safety feature which means it turns off after 10 minutes if it’s not being used.
The Renpho can also be charged via a USB port, meaning there’s less hassle if you travel and forget the mains to your charger.
It’s also super light with an estimated weight of 0.7kg, meaning it’s easy to handle and not taxing on your arms when holding it.
The Renpho also highlights its quiet motor, meaning it’s less likely to annoy those around you when using it!

FYLINA Massage gun – The Fylina comes in a shiny grey and has 8 massage heads meaning you are spoilt for choice.
The 30 intensity levels means that you can find the perfect pressure for your muscles.
This massage gun also offers a 10 minute auto shut off as a safety feature and is advertised as having a battery life that lasts for a weeks’ worth of workouts. Charging time is approximately 3 hours.
Noise reduction technology means that it’s quiet and even comes with a portable handbag.
The ergonomically designed handle also means that targeting areas like the back may be that little bit easier.








Should I use a massage gun if I’m injured?

This is a tough question. Massage guns are predominantly designed for injury prevention, relaxation and reducing tightness and restriction. However, some individuals claim it has helped them with their injuries and the truth is, there is no set answer for this, it really depends. If you are injured or in pain then you should see a professional to assess you. Whether that’s a doctor, sports therapist or a physio.

The best thing to do is to ask someone who knows what they’re talking about.
As with all equipment, a massage gun should be used sensibly and safely. The aim is not to apply maximum pressure. The aim is to relax your muscles, reduce your tension and improve your recovery.

I hope you’ve found this information useful.
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