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Informative, interactive, engaging and educational well-being webinars!

Returning to a "New Normal"

This workshop focuses on what we can do to guide us through to the “new normal”, reducing worry, anxiety and fear about what’s ahead. We look at ways of coping with change, anxiety and how to adapt to the “new normal”

Working From Home - Best Practice Methods

This workshop focuses on postural discomforts, positioning and issues that we may be facing working from home. We look at ways of reducing those physical discomforts, providing useful knowledge, tips and ideas to help improve an individuals working from home experience

Coping with stress

This workshop focuses on what stress is, simple but effective ways to deal with it, self evaluation and alternative coping methods. We look at ways of reducing employee stress, providing useful and relevant information, tips and ideas, to help provide tools to cope and manage stress

Let's talk about race

This workshop focuses on how our mind works and what we can do to tackle racism when we see it. We look at our unconscious bias and how we can challenge our thoughts, as well as challenge those who make inappropriate comments

International Men's day

This webinar focuses on raising awareness around men’s health, both physical and mental. We look at the facts and stats around men’s health, how we can work towards challenging stereotypes and how we can show support for men who may be suffering