Incorporating Workplace Wellbeing

Our goal is to help individuals Live Life Better through the provision and skill set of our services!

Check out our services below!

Workplace Massage

At Loving Life we understand the importance of Health and Wellbeing during a working day! Onsite workplace massage is the perfect way to look after and care for employees, to reduce sick days, stress, muscular discomforts, improve morale, increase productivity and “Live Life Better”

Sports & Physical Therapy

We operate out of two different gyms, Hammersmith Better Gym and Hanworth Air Parks delivering therapy techniques to help with relieving stress, tension, tightness and injuries. Our Musculoskeletal experts are great at treating and offering advice and support for a range of muscular related discomforts and injuries.

Workplace Well-being Services

At Loving Life we offer a range of workshops which address issues commonly found in the workplace! All of our workshops are interactive and educational and will take up no longer than an hour of your employees working day. Our two most popular workshops are our “Live Life Better” and “Working with DSE” workshops. 

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