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"The struggle you’re in today is developing the strength you need for
tomorrow, don’t give up


International Men’s day webinar structure







Topics discussed

  • Why we celebrate International Men's day?

  • Facts and stats

  • Societal pressures

  • Negative phrases

  • Stereotypes and fighting against them

  • Men and mental health

  • Spotting something's up

  • Showing support

  • Prostate and testicular cancer awareness

  • Support options

Employee feedback

"“Really enjoyed this session, informative and based on facts. I have a better appreciation and
awareness of men's hidden struggles. I feel better equipped to help those in my life personally and

“Thanks Tyler, you are brilliant at giving short, sharp and helpful webinars about key issues that impact
our health and wellbeing. This webinar on International Men's day is timely and important”

"I really enjoyed the session today. It really made me think more about the struggles men can go
through and how they can easily go unnoticed”

"This was a fantastic session, I learnt a lot more about the struggles men go through and that we're
not the 'odd one out' for having them”

"Tyler shed light on great ways to really support colleagues who may be struggling at work ...especially
male counterparts”



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Frequently asked questions?

Who will be delivering the session?

The session will be delivered by our founder, lead therapist and well-being expert Tyler Lowe

Will attendees have to have their cameras on?

No, only the presenter (Tyler) will have his camera on

The session is advertised as interactive, how will attendees interact?

Throughout the session Tyler makes use of the chat box and ask questions which allows attendees to engage, interact and get involved