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On-site Massage

On-site massage is a great way to offer a service to your employees which can give many benefits. Stress, anxiety and depression in 2018/2019 were responsible for 54% of working days lost. This statistic could in fact be much higher, many individuals may not want to tell their employer they’re not coming to work because they’re stressed.


We come to you!

Did you know?

  • Reduce stress

  • Relax the body and mind

  • Improve well-being

  • Reduce tight muscles

  • Decrease muscular pain

  • Improve mood

  • and more!

How our On-site Chair Massage works

  • Performed on a portable massage chair
  • Performed over clothing (No need to undress)
  • 15, 20 or 30 minute sessions
  • Ideally delivered in a private room but can be performed in a quiet area.
  • Sessions can be scheduled directly by employees through a unique booking link. (No double bookings) Similar to this TEMPLATE
  • We provide all the necessary equipment

What type of massage techniques do the therapists at Loving Life use?

Our therapists use a range of techniques to deliver the most unique service for each individual. Everyone is unique and may prefer different styles, so it's important for us to tailor each session to the clients needs and wants. Some of the techniques our therapists use include: Acupressure, kneading, trigger point therapy, effleurage, gliding, rhythmic compression and more!

Each session is aimed at targeting that individuals stress and tension, using the appropriate techniques to give them the most benefit.


Download our PDF for our standard London pricing structure. Pricing - Chair massage

Employers may ask for their employees to contribute towards the massage. Get in touch to see how we can set up a subsidised rate for your staff.

If your company has more than 500 employees in one location, we may even be able to set up workplace massage for your employees health and well-being with very little or no cost to the business.

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