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Prevent Burnout

Prevent Burnout

Experiencing Burnout is not fun, but there are ways we can spot the signs and symptoms early to help prevent it. This webinar helps us to understand the things that contribute to employee burnout so that we can implement the necessary steps to prevent it from taking over our lives.
Improve Your Health and Wellbeing

Improve Your Health and Wellbeing

Without our health we have nothing. It is only when we are sick that we often realise this. Learning about simple and effective ways to improve our health is a great method to help us reduce the signs and symptoms of Burnout.
Take Action

Take Action

It is great to understand the theory behind what is necessary to avoid Burnout but it serves little purpose if we do not combine this with action. This webinar implements encouragement to take the necessary action to reduce Burnout.

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    What You Will Learn

    An online workshop to educate employees on ways to prevent and cope with the signs and symptoms of burnout.

    • What is Burnout?

    • Causes of Burnout

    • Risks of Burnout

    • Acknowledging Burnout

    • Testing for Burnout

    • Unhelpful coping methods

    • Coping with Burnout

    • Communicating Burnout

    • Sleep

    • Relaxation Strategies

    • Prioritising health

    • Taking action

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    "Look after your staff so they can look after your business"

    What Others Are Saying

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    "Tyler's webinars are short but full of bitesized information. The takeaways are easy to remember and apply to daily life. He is enthusiastic and keen to share which make it ever easier to get involved in the sessions. Would highly recommend his friendly and professional approach."
    Anita Olvera

    Anita Olvera

    Innovation Scientist
    "Tyler’s wellness webinars are unique. In just 30 minutes he shares up-to-the-minute research, engages participants in chat, demonstrates an exercise or activity, and inspires practical steps to better physical and mental health. He’s helped me to turn knowing into doing. Amazing!"
    David Barnard

    David Barnard

    Director, Pracsys Advisory Limited
    "Tyler's webinars have served as a tremendous help over the last year. There's been so many changes we've had to deal with and topics like "Coping with stress" and "Adapting to a new normal" were so timely and helped massively whilst trying to navigate such changes."
    Ash Joseph

    Ash Joseph

    Talent Manager


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