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Lower levels of staff turnover

Lower levels of staff turnover

Motivated employees tend to remain in their positions because they can see the results from their efforts and believe that they can continue to make an impact in the company. Employee attrition can therefore be decreased, resulting in fewer training and recruitment expenditures for the organisation.
Higher productivity levels

Higher productivity levels

People will produce more if they are motivated to work quicker and more efficiently. This could allow your business to accomplish more and perhaps sell more.
Clear framework for goal setting

Clear framework for goal setting

Employees can be guided by goals in terms of how they use their time, which tasks to finish, and how much effort they should put into their job. Goals motivate employees to take action and spend less time on tasks that are irrelevant to their objectives.

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    Topics discussed

    An online workshop to educate employees on how to set goals with a realistic and achievable framework!

    • Setting goals, the reality
    • Failures
    • Goals vs resolution
    • Challenges when setting goals
    • Power of goal setting
    • How to set goals
    • Motivation
    • Accountability
    • Off days
    • Getting started & Summary

    A Happy Workforce Is A Productive Workforce

    Don't just take our word for it, see the opinions of our attendees

    What Others Are Saying

    Don't just take our word for it, see the opinions of our attendees

    "Tyler's session was a great reminder about how to set goals and stick to them in the new year and beyond. There were lots of helpful hints and tips that I've started to implement already! Highly recommended."
    “I’d heard of smart goals before but only in a corporate setting which previously discouraged me from using them. Tyler delivered them in such a helpful and engaging manner that for the first time I have set SMART goals. "
    “Inspiring session, I actually now feel I can achieve my own resolutions using the tools listed in this webinar!”


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    Loving Life webinars are delivered by health and wellbeing specialist Tyler Lowe.

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    Employees always leave Loving Life sessions with something positive to take away.

    We’re confident enough to say that, if less than 80% of employees find our webinars useful, we’ll give a full refund.