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Reduce employee discomfort!

Improve employee well-being!

Reduce employee sick days!

Fulfil duty of care!


"It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver"


Did you know, 8.9 Million working days were lost due to some form of Musculoskeletal discomfort in 2019/2020, resulting in 18.4 working days lost per sufferer.


How would 18 days off from a key member of staff impact your business?


About our "Improve Your Physical Wellbeing" webinar










Topics discussed

  • Physical discomforts

  • Common causes of physical discomforts

  • Improving our physical wellbeing

  • Self help modalities

  • Gadgets and equipment

  • Professional treatment

  • The impact of staying hydrated

  • Exercise statistics

  • What gets in the way

  • Creating habits & accountability

Employee feedback

"I really enjoyed the seminar. Had some great tips to help me improve pain management”

“Great webinar! Always very informative!”

"Short and sweet webinar, with plenty of useful take always. Always learning something new with Tyler”

"Tyler was super engaging on this webinar and it served as a great reminder to keep active!”

"Once again, Tyler has hit the mark with his inspiring physical wellbeing self-help webinar.”



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Frequently asked questions?

Who will be delivering the session?

The session will be delivered by our founder, lead therapist and well-being expert Tyler Lowe

Will attendees have to have their cameras on?

No, only the presenter (Tyler) will have his camera on

The session is advertised as interactive, how will attendees interact?

Throughout the session Tyler makes use of the chat box and ask questions which allows attendees to engage, interact and get involved