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Boost Leadership Confidence

Boost Leadership Confidence

Leadership requires individuals to be confident and is essential to encouraging, inspiring and motivating the rest of the workforce. An executive is human just like us all and can struggle with confidence at times. A coach can help to instil self assurance, self worth and boost a leaders confidence.
Achieve Targets and Goals

Achieve Targets and Goals

Being a leader involves motivating and encouraging teams and employees to reach their goals, but who supports the leader? Executive coaching helps leaders achieve their targets and goals, therefore driving the workforce.
Identify Strengths and Weaknesses

Identify Strengths and Weaknesses

Being aware of our strengths and weaknesses can help us with continuous growth. An executive coach can help leaders to identify their strengths and weaknesses which can aid them to use their time more efficiently and effectively.

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Paul Schrijnen Executive Coach

Executive Coaching

Our Executive Leadership Coach

Paul Schrijnen is our executive leadership coach and has worked with some of the most senior leaders across the world in some of the largest companies in the world.

Some of these include Deloitte, Bupa, Channel4, Goldman Sachs. GSK, Magna, Sage, Accenture, Mckinsey and many more!

Paul specialises in a vast range of areas and has a wealth of experience.

Pauls specialiaties
  • Leadership development
  • Change management
  • Management development
  • Culture change
  • Management consulting
  • Team building
  • MBTI
  • Personal development
  • Employee engagement


An Introduction To Coaching With Paul

"Coaching is unlocking a person's potential to maximise their own performance"

"Paul helps to provide me with clarity, direction and focus. All of which have contributed to me achieving the targets and goals I set. Pauls has the ability to articulate his sentences in a way that encourages me to be creative, whilst feeling positive and optimistic. I'd recommend him to everyone and anyone”
Tyler Lowe

Tyler Lowe

Founder of Loving Life

What is Executive Coaching?

A series of one-on-one contacts between a manager or executive and an external coach constitutes executive coaching. Coaching's purpose is to provide people with the knowledge and chances they need to grow and become more productive. Most executive coaching aims to change people's behaviours.

What Are The Benefits of Executive Coaching?

Executive coaching creates the ideal feedback loop, allowing executives to acquire useful input and viewpoints to aid in the pursuit of continuous growth. It promotes openness and communication among CEOs, ensuring that they are heard and valued.

There are a vast range of benefits to executive coaching including:

  • Personal development
  • Goal setting
  • Empowerment
  • Improved decision making
  • Increased productivity
  • Senior support
  • Boosting confidence
  • Achieving targets
  • and more!

Why Choose Paul As Your Executive Coach?

Paul has a wealth of experience and has worked with a broad spectrum of clients with a range of personalities, cultures and beliefs.

He has also led a comparative study of R&D management in the IT business after getting his MBA at INSEAD. While working with Marshall Goldsmith, Paul honed his coaching talents.

Paul gained his coaching qualification over 30 years ago and continues to learn and develop as he expands his clientele. 

When it comes to working with Paul, he has one focus. Helping you to achieve whatever it is that you want to! Whether it's resolving workplace disputes, processing management change, improving employee engagement or something else, his sole purpose is to guide you towards the things that you are working towards.

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