Incorporating Workplace Wellbeing

What impact does working from home have on your workforce?


Are you confident that your workforce are aware of what best practice is whilst working from home?

Are you taking steps to ensure your workforce are following best practice?

In light of the global pandemic, large numbers of the UK's workforce are now working from home with many not having done so before.

Working from home is likely to provide some issues in relation to poor working postures and habits causing an increase in physical discomforts, musculoskeletal disorders and physical pains, potentially resulting in, lost productivity and more sick days.

The good news is, we've designed an amazing "Working From Home - Best Practice" webinar to ensure we address these issues before they arise.

The webinar allows staff to create a working from home environment that is effective, relevant and helpful in preventing musculoskeletal disorders, increasing productivity, as well as fulfilling your duty of care to your teams.

The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 places the general duty on the employer to ensure the health, safety and welfare at work of all employees including home workers.


working from home workshop structure


The webinar was fantastic – it was informal and interactive and most importantly, it was informative.  Since the session, I have had so many people tell me how much they enjoyed it and how much they have learned from it.  Tyler ran a feedback survey and the responses support the informal feedback that I have received.  100% said it was useful and would take on the recommendations.   That is exactly the sort of return on investment that we were looking for.  The whole reason for engaging Loving Life was to support our teams and helping them stay safe, fit and healthy during this difficult time.  One of the survey comments summed it up really well “ "Good to see commitment from our Management team towards our overall health. We can't support our customers effectively, if our health and well-being isn't supported during Covid-19. Thank you"

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Loving Life and in fact am in the process of booking further sessions so that more people in our organisation can benefit - Michelle C (Fujitsu)

Working from home - topics discussed

working from home - the benefits

Are you an individual who wants to improve your physical well-being whilst working from home?

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In 2018/19 musculoskeletal disorders were responsible for approximately 29% of all work related ill health. On average, 14 working days were lost per sufferer. The global pandemic has caused many of us to create a working environment at home with very short notice. Most individuals have no real knowledge on how to do so, or what best practice is. This workshop helps employees to understand best practice whilst working at home, how to avoid musculoskeletal disorders, how to ensure that we look after our well-being, and how to reduce the chances of experiencing physical discomforts.

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