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Reduce employee discomfort!

Improve employee well-being!

Reduce employee sick days!

Fulfil duty of care!


"Your next posture is your best posture"


Did you know, 8.9 Million working days were lost due to some form of Musculoskeletal discomfort in 2019/2020, resulting in 18.4 working days lost per sufferer.


What impact would 18 days off from a key member of staff have on your business?


working from home best practice methods

About our "working from home, best practice" webinar

working from home, best practice










Topics discussed

The problems

  • Musculoskeletal disorders

  • The human body

  • Postural habits

  • Phones, laptops and tablets

The solutions

  • Home set up examples

  • Movement breaks

  • Stretches

  • Hydration at home

  • Best practices

working from home best practice webinar employee benefits

Employee feedback

"Informative, fun presentation style”

“Love how interactive it was and really made me think about my posture whilst working from home and it’s something I will adapt when back in the office. Thanks Tyler”

"The content helps you understand what the best way is to work and add to your existing coping strategies”

"Very personable, loved the interaction through the chat box - it made it light-hearted, chatty and help it all sink in. Great to join in the neck exercise”

"It was kept interactive and it covered all the key topics succinctly”



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Frequently asked questions?

Who will be delivering the session?

The session will be delivered by our founder, lead therapist and well-being expert Tyler Lowe

Will attendees have to have their cameras on?

No, only the presenter (Tyler) will have his camera on

The session is advertised as interactive, how will attendees interact?

Throughout the session Tyler makes use of the chat box and ask questions which allows attendees to engage, interact and get involved

Company testimonial

The webinar was fantastic – it was informal and interactive and most importantly, it was informative.  Since the session, I have had so many people tell me how much they enjoyed it and how much they have learned from it.  Tyler ran a feedback survey and the responses support the informal feedback that I have received.  100% said it was useful and would take on the recommendations.   That is exactly the sort of return on investment that we were looking for.  The whole reason for engaging Loving Life was to support our teams and helping them stay safe, fit and healthy during this difficult time.  One of the survey comments summed it up really well “Good to see commitment from our Management team towards our overall health. We can't support our customers effectively, if our health and well-being isn't supported during Covid-19. Thank you"

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Loving Life and in fact am in the process of booking further sessions so that more people in our organisation can benefit - Michelle C (Fujitsu)