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"Courage is not the absence of fear, it is the ability to act in its presence"


About our "returning to a new normal" webinar

returning to a new normal










Topics discussed

  • Returning to a new normal

  • Transitioning through change

  • Public transport

  • Children returning to school

  • Looking out for colleagues

  • Anxiety about returning to work

  • When anxiety is bad

  • Anxiety coping methods

  • Additional coping methods

  • Useful links

Returning to a new normal employee benefits

Webinar attendee feedback

"Excellent session, really helped to understand why we may feel anxious about returning back to the office and then goes on to suggest ways of dealing with those feelings”

“Another great session - so useful at a time like this. Learnt a few new things I was not aware of & will look into further going forward”

"Great session, helped me stop overthinking things”

"I really enjoyed this webinar; the information was specific to the topic and concise. Any examples used were on topic and made things easy to remember and take away. I also liked that there was focus on colleagues and that others may take longer/ be more sensitive to change and to be mindful. Thorough webinar in such a short period of time - would recommend! ”

"Concise and bitesize information that's easy to digest. Lot's of takeaways that are easy to remember. Small ways we can ease ourselves back into the outside world”



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Frequently asked questions?

Who will be delivering the session?

The session will be delivered by our founder, lead therapist and well-being expert Tyler Lowe

Will attendees have to have their cameras on?

No, only the presenter (Tyler) will have his camera on

The session is advertised as interactive, how will attendees interact?

Throughout the session Tyler makes use of the chat box and ask questions which allows attendees to engage, interact and get involved