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"What divides us pales in comparison to what unites us"


Our Let's talk about race webinar




Thought provoking





Topics discussed

  • Thought provoking exercise

  • Unconscious bias

  • Media and society

  • Other forms of bias

  • Reducing your unconscious bias

  • Micro incivilities

  • The power of social norms

  • Not doing anything

  • Challenging inappropriate behaviour

  • How to challenge with a structured process

Employee feedback

"Positive, uplifting, clear, practical. No one is made to feel guilty, everyone has their part to play. It's short and to the point"

“Tyler neatly alerts us to our blind spots without being judgemental. Above all, he gives brilliant practical tips about what we can all do and why this is important. Positive, hopeful, encouraging.”

“I highly recommend this webinar - it was extremely well put together and well thought out. It tackled delicate issues surrounding racism and unconscious bias, and would be a great tool for companies to educate their employees.

“Tyler did a great job with this presentation. It was really well delivered, especially as this is a very sensitive topic and very prevalent right now. It was definitely very thought-provoking, and I’ve taken key points away from the session ”

“This webinar made me look inside myself and question some of my existing thought patterns. A short but effective session!”

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Frequently asked questions?

Who will be delivering the session?

The session will be delivered by our founder, lead therapist and well-being expert Tyler Lowe

Will attendees have to have their cameras on?

No, only the presenter (Tyler) will have his camera on

The session is advertised as interactive, how will attendees interact?

Throughout the session Tyler makes use of the chat box and ask questions which allows attendees to engage, interact and get involved