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Promote A United Workforce

Promote A United Workforce

A united workforce can help to push any business forward. When employees are united they are more productive, creative and offer more efficient solutions to progressing the business. Effective communication has shown to generate 4.5 times higher talent retention.
Educate Employees On Discrimination

Educate Employees On Discrimination

Discrimination can leave employees feeling isolated, lonely and unsupported. Some individuals are oblivious to the impact of their words, attitudes and body language can have on others. Educating employees on the various types of discrimination helps us all to acknowledge where there is room for improvement. A happy workforce is a productive workforce!
Raise employee awareness

Raise employee awareness

It's hard to understand that discrimination exists if you're not personally experiencing it. Many of us are unaware of the experiences and struggles of others. Highlighting these factors can help individuals to feel empathy and compassion to those who may be experiencing discrimination.

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    Topics discussed

    An online workshop to educate employees on our unconscious thoughts and how we can work together to improve society.

    • Thought provoking exercise
    • Unconscious Bias
    • Media and society
    • Other forms of bias
    • Reducing your inconscious bias
    • Micro incivilities
    • The power of social norms
    • Not doing anything
    • Challenging inappropriate behaviour
    • How to challenge with a structured process


    A Happy Workforce Is A Productive Workforce

    "What divides us pales in comparison to what unites us"

    What Others Are Saying

    Don't just take our word for it, see the opinions of our attendees

    "Positive, uplifting, clear, practical. No one is made to feel guilty, everyone has their part to play. It's short and to the point."
    “Tyler neatly alerts us to our blind spots without being judgemental. Above all, he gives brilliant practical tips about what we can all do and why this is important. Positive, hopeful, encouraging.”
    “I highly recommend this webinar - it was extremely well put together and well thought out. It tackled delicate issues surrounding racism and unconscious bias, and would be a great tool for companies to educate their employees."


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