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The Best Ways To Motivate Yourself On A Monday Morning

Monday mornings can be tough, and it can be a real challenge to motivate yourself to start the week on the right foot.

Here are some tips to help you get motivated on a Monday morning:

6 Tips to Motivate You On a Monday Morning

Set Specific, Achievable Goals

Setting specific, achievable goals on a Monday morning can help to give you a sense of purpose and direction for the week.

Make a list of tasks you want to accomplish, and break them down into smaller, more manageable goals.

This can help to make your workload feel more manageable and give you a sense of accomplishment as you complete each task.

Get Organised

Now that you have your goals, take a few minutes to organise your workspace.

This can help to reduce stress and improve productivity.

Organise your to do list by the most important tasks, clear clutter, and set out the things you’ll need for the day.

Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep is essential for your physical and mental health.

Make sure you got to bed on time on Sunday night.

This helps you to start your Monday feeling refreshed and energised.

Waking up fresh after a good nights sleep puts you in a much better position to feel motivated on a Monday morning.


Exercise can help to boost energy levels and improve mood.

Consider starting your day with a quick workout, or take a walk or run during your lunch break to help energise you for the rest of the day.

Leaving your exercise clothing out on a Sunday night is a great way to remind you to exercise on a Monday morning.

You’ll wake up and see it staring at you, which is a good way to encourage you to take action.

Working out on a Monday morning is a fantastic way to start the day and boost your morning motivation.


Start Your Monday With a Healthy Breakfast

Eating a nutritious breakfast can help to fuel your body and brain for the day ahead.

Choose foods that are high in protein and complex carbs, such as eggs, oatmeal, or whole grain toast.

Eating heavy and unhealthy foods can cause us to feel lethargic and unmotivated.

Approximately 90% of serotonin is made in the gut and this is the hormone that regulates our mood.

Therefore, having a healthy breakfast is a good start to your Monday morning motivation.

Find Ways to Enjoy Your Work

If you’re feeling unenthused about your job, try to find ways to make it more enjoyable.

Look for ways to make your work more meaningful, or try to find joy in the tasks you’re doing.

According to charity Mind 66% of people dread going to work on a Monday. Don’t let these be you.

If you genuinely hate your job, then it may be time to start looking for employment elsewhere.

Everyone deserves to feel motivated about their work on a Monday morning.


These strategies are a good start to help you motivate yourself on a Monday morning and set the tone for a productive and successful week.

However, you must take action!

You need to implement the methods above and see what works best for you.

How Can Companies Help Employees With Monday Motivation?

There are several ways that employers can help to improve employee Monday morning motivation, here are a few:

Encourage a Healthy Work-Life Balance

A healthy work-life balance can help employees feel more motivated on Monday mornings because it helps them feel more balanced and fulfilled in their personal and professional lives.

A good work-life balance encourages people to feel energised and motivated to tackle their work tasks.

On the other hand, if people feel overwhelmed and overworked, they may be burn out and become demotivated.

By encouraging a healthy work-life balance, employees feel more satisfied and engaged with their work, leading to increased motivation on Monday’s and throughout the week.

Provide Services Employees Can Look Forward to

Providing additional incentives is a great way to motivate employees on a Monday morning.

This may include offering services such as workplace massage, wellbeing webinars, workshops or even providing free morning coffee and breakfast.

Finding additional ways to support employee wellbeing is essential to encourage staff motivation on a Monday morning.

chair massage wellbeing activity for the workplace

Offer Flexible Scheduling

Offering flexible scheduling can encourage Monday morning motivation for employees because it allows them to have more control over their work schedule.

This can be helpful for people who have commitments or responsibilities outside of work, such as caring for children or elderly relatives.

When employees have the ability to schedule their work around their other commitments, they may be more likely to feel balanced and fulfilled in their personal and professional lives.

This can lead to increased motivation and engagement with their work on Monday mornings and throughout the week.

Additionally, flexible scheduling can increase job satisfaction and motivation by making employees feel more trusted and respected.

Employee motivation and performance may improve when they feel supported by their employer in managing work and personal commitments.

Encourage Healthy Habits

Healthy habits can encourage Monday morning motivation for employees because it can help them feel physically and mentally energised.

Some examples of healthy habits that can contribute to increased motivation on Monday mornings include:

Getting enough sleep, eating a nutritious breakfast, exercising, and managing stress.

Creating healthy habits isn’t always easy.

Providing training to help employees Create Life-Changing Habits is a positive step towards supporting Monday morning motivation.

healthy snacks

Foster a Positive Work Culture

A positive work culture can encourage employee Monday morning motivation because it fosters a sense of belonging and purpose.

When employees feel like they are valued and supported, they may be more likely to feel motivated and engaged with work.

A positive work culture can foster a sense of community and teamwork, helping employees feel connected to their colleagues and the companies goals.

Creating a positive work culture can include things like recognizing and rewarding employees for their contributions, providing opportunities for professional development, and promoting open and honest communication.

Provide Resources for Stress Management

Providing resources for stress management can encourage Monday morning motivation for employees because it can help them feel more equipped to handle the challenges and demands of their work.

Employees who manage their stress levels may be more likely to feel energised and motivated to tackle their work tasks.

Offering resources for stress management, such as access to counselling services or relaxation techniques, can help employees to better cope with stress and improve their overall wellbeing.

Offering workshops or webinars on “Coping With Stress” is a great way to tackle employee stress.

Stressed man

By taking these steps, employers can help to improve Monday morning motivation and create a positive and productive work environment.

Why Do People Hate Monday’s?

There are a few reasons why some people may hate Mondays:

Lack of Sleep

Poor sleep can cause people to hate Mondays because it can lead to feelings of fatigue and low energy.

When people are sleep deprived, they may feel irritable, anxious, and less motivated.

This can make it harder to get out of bed and tackle their work tasks on Monday mornings.

Lack of sleep can also impair cognitive function, making it harder for people to concentrate and stay focused.

This can further contribute to feelings of frustration and demotivation.

Work-Related Stress

For some people, Monday marks the start of a new workweek and can bring with it a sense of stress and pressure.

This can be especially true if you have a lot of work to do or if you’re not particularly happy with your job.

Stress can cause people to hate Mondays because it can lead to feelings of anxiety, exhaustion, and burnout, which can make it more difficult to face the start of a new workweek.

When people are stressed out about their work, they may feel overwhelmed, drained, and demotivated.

This can make it harder to get out of bed and tackle their work tasks on Monday mornings.

Work-related stress can also interfere with sleep, further contributing to feelings of fatigue and low energy.

The End of The Weekend

For some people the end of the weekend can cause them to hate Mondays.

Monday’s can bring an end to a period of relaxation and leisure, and signal the start of a new workweek.

Many use the weekend as a time to rest, recharge, and pursue personal interests and hobbies, and the transition back to work can be difficult.

The end of the weekend can also bring with it a return to work-related responsibilities and tasks.

This alone can be a source of stress and anxiety for some people.

Separation From Loved Ones

For people who have loved ones who work different schedules, Monday can mark the start of a week of separation.

This can be difficult and lead to feelings of loneliness and homesickness.

Separation from loved ones can cause people to feel a sense of loss or sadness, which can negatively impact their mood and motivation.

This separation may be due to work or other commitments.

Additionally, separation from loved ones can lead to feelings of isolation and disconnection.

This can further contribute to negative feelings about the start of the workweek.

By staying connected with loved ones and maintaining strong relationships, people may feel more positive and motivated on Monday mornings and throughout the week.

motivated and happy black family

Overall, there are many factors that can contribute to a dislike of Mondays.

It’s important to try to find ways to manage stress, get a good night’s sleep, and find joy in your work to help make Monday mornings more bearable.

Author –

Tyler Lowe – Health & Wellbeing Speaker

BSc Sport & Exercise Rehabilitation