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Happy employee with a salary increase

What are Employee Incentives? Employee incentives are benefits or rewards offered by employers to motivate and engage their workforce. The goal of employee incentives is often to create a positive work environment that encourages employees to perform at their best, improve their morale, boost productivity, and remain engaged with the...

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Mental health is a vital aspect of our overall wellbeing and can greatly impact an individual’s ability to work and perform daily tasks. Employers need to understand the concept of mental health sick leave and how it differs from the traditional sick leave. What is Mental Health Sick Leave? Mental...

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Motivate Employees With These 10 Loveable Rewards

  Posted January 23, 2023     HR
Motivated employees

Why You Should Provide Rewards to Motivate Employees? Motivating employees through the use of rewards is a wise decision. Providing rewards for hard work and accomplishments creates a positive cycle of reinforcement. Tangible recognition and appreciation in the form of rewards can greatly improve employee morale and engagement. Ultimately, rewards...

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Wellbeing Initiatives For Senior Management

  Posted January 4, 2023     HR
senior management

Why Wellbeing Initiatives are Beneficial For Senior Management! Wellbeing initiatives for senior management could be more beneficial than we think. Investing in the mental and physical health of senior leaders can have a positive impact on their overall productivity and decision-making abilities. Stress, burnout, and personal issues can negatively impact...

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The Benefits of Employee Engagement Webinars

  Posted December 12, 2022     HR
Employee engagement wellbeing webinars

Contents What is Employee Engagement? What are Employee Engagement Webinars? What are the Benefits of an Employee Engagement Webinar? What are Examples of Employee Engagement? Why is Employee Engagement Important? How Can Companies Promote Employee Engagement? What is Employee Engagement? Employee engagement refers to the level of emotional commitment and...

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Employee Wellbeing Initiatives That Show You Care

  Posted April 26, 2022     HR
corporate health initiatives

Employee wellbeing refers to the physical, mental and emotional health of a company's staff, as well as the healthiness of their working environment. Employers can encourage healthier lifestyles and behaviour through corporate wellness and health programmes, which have a significant impact on employee health and wellbeing.  Benefits include: Reduced staff...

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5 Ways To Encourage Employees Back To The Office

  Posted April 11, 2022     HR
Staff Wellbeing

The pandemic is gradually becoming something that we’re starting to get used to living with. Many of us are beginning to return to our activities of the past and carry on with life without fear or worry. However, there are lots of employees who are still hesitant to head back...

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Happy Staff

When it comes to treating your staff there is a range of staff treats that will often make your colleagues, employees, and teams appreciate you a lot. In this article, we’re going to look at 10 staff treats that will make your teams love you. On-site massage When it comes...

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Talent manager

When it comes to being a Talent Manager it can be a little confusing as to what it actually is. Are they hired to just recruit and manage talent? Well, it’s a little more complex than that. A talent manager is someone whose job role is to retain and attract...

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