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10 Unique Ideas for Your Corporate Getaway

Work can be intense – spreadsheets, back-to-back meetings, project deadlines.

Ever thought about pressing the pause button?

That’s where corporate getaways come into play!

They’re the perfect recipe for unwinding, fostering camaraderie, and sparking innovation.

So, let’s take a journey together and uncover the magic of these unique escapades away from the office.


What is a Corporate Getaway?

What are the Benefits of a Corporate Getaway?

How to Plan Your Corporate Getaway

How a Corporate Getaway Enhance Employee Productivity and Creativity

How to Ensure Your Corporate Getaway is Inclusive

10 Unique Ideas for Your Corporate Getaway


What is a Corporate Getaway?

A corporate getaway is, simply put, a breath of fresh air from the usual hustle and bustle of office life.

Think of it as a group trip or a retreat that companies organise for their employees.

This isn’t your average vacation, though.

Corporate getaways are planned with precision, meant to rejuvenate the team while fostering a closer-knit work community.

Picture your usual meetings but in an enchanting forest, or brainstorming sessions on a sun-kissed beach – it’s work and play seamlessly blended.

These getaways serve as a launchpad for creativity, a space for strengthening bonds, and a timeout from the daily work routine.

Who said you can’t mix business with pleasure, right?

Lady remote working on a beach with a coconut water

What are the Benefits of a Corporate Getaway?

The benefits of a corporate getaway stretch far and wide.

They touch on various aspects of work life, and even beyond.

Team Bonding

A corporate getaway creates a more relaxed environment where team members can truly connect.

This isn’t about discussing the latest project.

It’s about sharing stories around a campfire, exploring a new city together, and having fun.

These shared experiences help build trust, foster a sense of unity, and allow colleagues to see each other in a different light, beyond the professional roles.

Break from Routine

Routines, while necessary, can lead to monotony.

A corporate getaway provides a refreshing change of scenery that shakes up the daily grind.

It’s an opportunity to approach work differently, sparking enthusiasm, and helping employees to see their jobs from a fresh perspective.

Boost in Morale

Recognising and appreciating your team’s hard work is crucial in maintaining high morale.

A getaway can serve as a reward, a tangible sign that the company values their contributions.

This can greatly enhance job satisfaction and encourage further dedication and productivity.


Nurturing Creativity

Being in a different environment stimulates the mind.

Have you noticed how great ideas often come when you’re relaxed, maybe during a quiet walk, and not staring at your office computer?

That’s exactly what a getaway can do – provide the space and the ambiance to encourage creative thinking and innovative ideas.

Health and Wellbeing

Amid the rush to meet deadlines, wellbeing can often be sidelined.

But corporate getaways can put the spotlight back on it.

Engaging in activities outside of work reduces stress levels and helps improve mental health, promoting the overall wellbeing of the team.

You could even organise a wellbeing workshop for your corporate getaway.


A well-rested mind is more productive.

A getaway allows employees to switch off from work-related worries, rest, and rejuvenate.

They come back feeling refreshed, and this often translates to enhanced focus and productivity at work.

Given these perks, a corporate getaway could be just the thing your team needs.

But how do you go about planning one?

Let’s explore that next.

How to Plan Your Corporate Getaway

Planning a successful corporate getaway requires thoughtfulness, organisation, and a sprinkle of creativity.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to ensure your corporate getaway is a memorable one:

Understand Your Team

Before anything else, take the time to understand your team.

What are their interests?

What kind of activities might they enjoy?

An anonymous survey could be a helpful tool for gathering this information.

Remember, a getaway that caters to your team’s preferences is more likely to be a hit.

Online survey on an ipad

Set Clear Objectives

What do you want to achieve with this getaway?

Is it purely for relaxation, or do you have team-building exercises in mind?

Or perhaps, you want a mix of both.

Setting clear goals at the onset will guide the planning process and help in choosing the right activities.

Choose the Location

The location plays a huge role in the success of the getaway.

Do you prefer a calm retreat in the countryside, an exciting city trip, or perhaps an adventurous escape to the mountains?

The location should resonate with your team’s interests and align with your goals.


Establish a realistic budget that accounts for transportation, accommodation, meals, activities, and any unforeseen costs.

Keep in mind, a great getaway doesn’t have to break the bank. It’s about the experiences and memories created.

Create an Agenda

Once you’ve decided on the activities, create a flexible agenda.

Ensure there’s a good balance between structured time and free time for relaxation.

Remember, while it’s a work event, it’s also a break from the usual routine.

Agenda written on a notepad


Keep your team in the loop.

Share the plan, itinerary, and what they should expect.

This keeps everyone informed and builds anticipation.

Consider Safety and Accessibility

Ensure the getaway is inclusive.

It should be accessible to everyone, and all activities should consider the various capabilities of your team members.

In the same vein, consider potential health and safety concerns, especially if you’re planning outdoor activities.

Planning may require a bit of effort, but seeing your team enjoy and bond during the getaway will make it all worthwhile.

Now that we’ve discussed planning, let’s delve into how a corporate getaway can boost productivity and creativity.

health and safety at work

How a Corporate Getaway Enhance Employee Productivity and Creativity

Picture this: Your team members, usually hunched over their desks in a bustling office, are now relaxing in a serene resort or even hiking up a picturesque mountain trail.

Sounds like a fun break, right?

But these getaways offer much more than just a leisurely escape.

They play a crucial role in boosting employee productivity and creativity.

The Power of Detachment

Escaping from the office and immersing themselves in a completely different environment, employees can disconnect from work-related stress.

This mental break allows them to return to work feeling refreshed and recharged, leading to increased concentration and productivity.

New Perspectives

Experiencing new places, cultures, and activities can broaden horizons and spark fresh ideas.

It encourages out-of-the-box thinking, pushing the boundaries of creativity.

Promoting Collaboration

Away from the formal office setting, employees often feel more relaxed and open.

This fosters better communication and collaboration.

Ideas flow freely in such an environment, and employees who might not typically speak up in the office could find the confidence to share their innovative thoughts.

Inspiration from Nature

If your getaway is in a natural setting, don’t underestimate the power of nature to inspire.

The calming effect of green spaces, the tranquil sounds of a babbling brook, or the awe-inspiring sight of mountain peaks can all stimulate creative thinking.


Healthy Competition

Activities and games during the getaway can incite a sense of competition.

This could transfer back into the work environment, sparking a drive to excel and leading to increased productivity.

How to Ensure Your Corporate Getaway is Inclusive

An inclusive corporate getaway is a successful one.

You want every member of your team to feel considered and excited about the trip.

So, how do we ensure inclusivity?

Understand Your Team

Start by gaining insights into your team’s interests, preferences, and limitations.

An anonymous survey is an excellent tool to gather this data.

This will help you avoid planning activities that not everyone can enjoy or participate in.

Variety of Activities

Plan a mix of activities that cater to different interests.

Some people might enjoy physical activities like hiking, while others might prefer a cooking class or a local cultural tour.

Offering a variety ensures that there’s something for everyone.

Employees stretching as part of their wellbeing activities in their team meeting


Ensure that the destination and activities you choose are accessible to all team members, considering aspects such as mobility, dietary requirements, or other specific needs.

Free Time

While having structured activities is great, ensure you include free time in your agenda.

This allows team members to relax or explore on their own, catering to the introverts in your group who may need some alone time to recharge.


Be transparent about the plans for the getaway.

Provide as much information as possible, including itineraries, activity options, accommodation details, and transportation.

This gives everyone a clear idea of what to expect and the chance to voice any concerns.

Respect for All

Foster a culture of respect and understanding.

Encourage your team to be considerate of each other’s choices during the getaway.

Whether that means understanding someone’s dietary restrictions or respecting someone’s decision to sit out of a particular activity.

Remember, the goal of the getaway is for everyone to have a good time, and making sure it’s inclusive is a big step in that direction.

10 Unique Ideas for Your Corporate Getaway

Designing an unforgettable corporate getaway demands creativity and a keen understanding of your team’s interests.

Here are some thoughtfully curated ideas to add a unique touch to your next corporate retreat:

1. Hire a Wellbeing Speaker

Transform your corporate getaway into an enriching experience by hiring a wellbeing speaker.

A wellbeing speaker could lead workshops on topics ranging from coping with stress, improving health, creating life-changing habits, increasing motivation, and more!

Imagine your team starting their day with an inspiring workshop overlooking a serene beach or under the canopy of majestic trees.

They’re not just unwinding, but also acquiring valuable strategies to manage stress, improve focus, and foster a healthier lifestyle.

This activity shows your commitment to employee wellbeing and equips your team with essential tools for their personal and professional life.

2. Organise a Team Cook-off

Picture this: your team is divided into small groups, each armed with a basket of ingredients and the challenge to whip up the most delicious dish.

The catch?

They’re working with a ‘mystery box’ of ingredients or tasked with creating a dish representing a different culture.

A cook-off like this is a fantastic way to stir up the competitive spirit, encourage teamwork, and cater to the food enthusiasts in your group.

It’s a bonding session wrapped in fun and food, culminating in a hearty meal where everyone savours the fruits of their labour.

This activity creates an environment for creativity to flourish, as teams brainstorm, strategise, and execute their culinary masterpieces.

3. Adventure Challenge

If your team enjoys a good adrenaline rush, consider incorporating an adventure challenge into your getaway.

Whether it’s a high ropes course, a thrilling white water rafting session, or a hike through breathtaking landscapes, these activities offer a unique mix of excitement, physical challenge, and teamwork.

In this exhilarating environment, team members must collaborate, trust one another, and often step out of their comfort zones, all of which can strengthen team dynamics.

Moreover, overcoming challenges together can boost morale and create lasting memories.

Importantly, ensure that safety standards are met and alternatives are available for those preferring less physically demanding activities.


4. Local Culture Immersion

A corporate getaway is an opportunity not just for relaxation and bonding, but also for learning.

Take your team on a cultural immersion journey at your chosen destination.

Participate in a local cooking class where everyone can learn to prepare regional dishes, or attend a workshop on traditional arts and crafts.

Maybe a guided tour of historically significant sites or local landmarks could pique their interest.

These activities offer a deeper understanding of the local culture, add an educational element to the trip, and make for an unforgettable experience.

They also provide a relaxed, informal setting that encourages team members to connect on a personal level.

5. Digital Detox Retreat

In our hyper-connected world, a digital detox can be a breath of fresh air.

Organising a retreat where employees unplug from their devices encourages mindful living and deeper connections with each other.

This could be in a serene, natural setting where the emphasis is on interpersonal communication, mindfulness exercises, and nature-oriented activities like hikes or bird-watching.

Such a break from screens can boost mental wellbeing, improve focus, and provide a refreshing perspective, making it a truly unique and beneficial corporate getaway.


6. Interactive Workshops

Design your corporate getaway around interactive workshops that both educate and entertain.

For instance, a workshop on photography could culminate in a photo contest, or a storytelling workshop could end in a cozy bonfire evening of sharing stories.

Workshops related to personal development, such as public speaking or leadership, could also be useful.

These activities foster a culture of continuous learning, creativity, and personal growth while also providing fun, engaging experiences.

7. Themed Retreat

Add a dash of excitement to your corporate getaway by setting a theme.

It could be as creative as a ‘Retro Revival’, with everyone wearing vintage clothing, or a ‘Film Fiesta’, where team members re-enact scenes from popular movies.

These themes can bring a sense of fun and unity, spark creativity, and lead to unforgettable memories.

Plus, themed workshops or activities during the retreat can help reinforce company values or focus on specific areas of personal development.


8. Eco-friendly Retreat

Embrace sustainability and arrange an eco-friendly retreat.

This could mean staying at an eco-lodge, participating in environmental conservation activities, or even learning about sustainable practices via workshops.

This retreat can raise awareness about environmental issues, align with your company’s corporate social responsibility goals, and promote the practice of sustainability among employees.

9. Masterclass Sessions

Arrange for masterclass sessions on topics outside the usual business realm.

This could be anything from pottery-making, wine tasting, to coding.

Not only do these sessions offer a refreshing change of pace, they also enable your team to acquire new skills, foster a culture of continuous learning, and stimulate creativity.

Plus, the shared experience of learning something new together can strengthen team bonds.

10. Mystery Trip

Add an element of surprise to your corporate getaway by organising a mystery trip.

Share just the essentials with your team – what to pack and when to be ready – and let the destination be a surprise.

This can build anticipation and excitement among the team and make the getaway a thrilling adventure.

Of course, ensure you’ve considered your team’s preferences and restrictions while planning this surprise.

Incorporating unique ideas into your corporate getaway not only makes the trip more exciting and memorable but also helps foster team spirit, encourage creativity, and promote personal development.

Remember, the goal is to create a shared experience that everyone enjoys and benefits from. Happy planning!


Planning a unique corporate getaway is an exciting task, but it’s also an opportunity to foster stronger bonds, stimulate creative thinking, and promote a healthier, more balanced lifestyle among your team.

From hiring a wellbeing speaker to organising a mystery trip, there’s a wealth of options out there.

The key is to understand your team’s dynamics, interests, and needs, then plan an experience that resonates with everyone.

Remember, the aim is not just to take a break from work, but also to create an enriching, memorable experience that will boost morale, productivity, and employee satisfaction in the long run.

Happy planning, and here’s to your unforgettable corporate getaway!


Tyler Lowe – Health & Wellbeing Speaker

BSc Sport & Exercise Rehabilitation

Tyler Lowe