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25 Memorable Corporate Event Ideas Attendees Will Love

In the hustle and bustle of the corporate world, a corporate event can provide a range of benefits.

However, choosing corporate event ideas can be difficult.

Corporate events provide an opportunity to learn, network, and most importantly, unwind.

But how do you ensure that your corporate event is not just another date on the calendar, but a memorable experience that leaves a lasting impression?

In this blog we’ll share some unique and engaging corporate event ideas that your attendees will absolutely love.


What is a Corporate Event?

What are the Benefits of a Corporate Event?

What Makes a Corporate Event Memorable?

10 Memorable and Creative Corporate Event Ideas

  1. Wellbeing Speaker
  2. Industry Expert Panels
  3. Cultural Experiences
  4. Magic Show
  5. Virtual Reality Experiences
  6. Professional Photoshoots
  7. Food Tasting
  8. Celebrity Guest Speakers
  9. Tech Demos and Hackathons
  10. Personalised T-shirt Making

5 Corporate Event Activity Ideas

  1. Team Building Workshops
  2. Outdoor Adventure Day
  3. Creative Arts Session
  4. Baking or Cooking Class
  5. Innovation Hackathon

5 Corporate Event Party Ideas

  1. Corporate Milestone Party
  2. Corporate Masquerade Party
  3. Culinary Fiesta Party
  4. Retro Corporate Gala
  5. Starry Night Awards Party

5 Online Corporate Event Ideas

  1. Virtual Wellness Session
  2. Virtual Team Building Challenges
  3. Digital Innovation Showcase
  4. Virtual Networking Mixer
  5. Online Corporate Trivia Night

How to Plan a Memorable Corporate Event

Staff clapping at a company conference

What is a Corporate Event?

Corporate events are gatherings organised by a business for its employees, clients, stakeholders, or potential clients.

These events can serve a variety of purposes, from launching a new product, celebrating company milestones, fostering team building, to enhancing client relationships.

They can take many forms, including conferences, seminars, networking events, holiday parties, or retreats.

The key to a successful corporate event lies in its ability to align with the company’s goals while providing value and enjoyment to its attendees.

What are the Benefits of a Corporate Event?

Corporate events are more than just a fun company gathering.

They offer numerous benefits that can significantly contribute to a company’s success.

Here’s a few benefits:

Networking Opportunities

Corporate events provide an excellent platform for employees, clients, and industry professionals to connect and build relationships.


Employee Engagement

Well-planned corporate or company events can boost employee morale and engagement.

They provide a break from the usual work routine, allowing employees to relax, interact with colleagues, and return to work refreshed and motivated.

Brand Awareness

Corporate events that involve clients or the public, can serve as a powerful marketing tool.

They can increase brand visibility, showcase the company culture and values, and help attract potential clients or employees.

Knowledge Sharing

Conferences, seminars, and workshops provide opportunities for attendees to learn new skills, gain industry insights, and stay updated with the latest trends.

This can enhance their performance and contribute to the company’s growth.

Recognition and Reward

Events like award ceremonies or end-of-year parties are a great way to acknowledge and reward employees’ hard work.

This can increase job satisfaction and employee loyalty, leading to higher employee retention rates.


What Makes a Corporate Event Memorable?

Creating a memorable corporate event goes beyond just selecting a great event space or providing delicious food.

It’s about creating an experience that resonates with the attendees long after the event has ended.

Here are some key elements that make a corporate or company event memorable:

Engaging Content

Whether it’s a powerful keynote speech, an insightful workshop, or an exciting product launch, the content of your event should be relevant and engaging.

Unique Experiences

Incorporating unique and interactive experiences can make your event stand out.

This could be anything from a live performance, interactive games, VR experiences, to wellbeing workshops or activities like yoga or mindfulness sessions.

clapping after wellbeing workshop

Personal Touches

Personalisation can make attendees feel special and valued.

This could be as simple as personalised name badges, custom swag, or tailored content.

Smooth Execution

Even the best-planned event can be ruined by poor execution.

Ensure that all aspects of the event, from registration, audio-visual equipment, to catering, run smoothly.

Emotional Connection

Events that evoke emotions are more likely to be remembered.

This could be achieved through storytelling, creating a sense of community, or aligning the event with a cause that your attendees care about.


Remember, the goal is to create an event that attendees will remember and talk about long after it’s over.

And most importantly, an event that reflects positively on your brand.

10 Memorable and Creative Corporate Event Ideas

1. Wellbeing Speaker

Employee wellbeing is a hot topic and is becoming increasingly more recognised.

Inviting a wellbeing speaker to your next corporate event can create a memorable experience that resonates deeply with attendees.

A skilled speaker can build an emotional connection with in person attendees, sharing personal stories and insights that inspire and motivate.

Corporate event ideas like this can provide a unique experience and will undoubtedly make your company event stand out.

2. Industry Expert Panels

Imagine the excitement of your attendees when they get the opportunity to engage with and learn directly from industry leaders!

Hosting an industry expert panel can be a game-changer for your company event.

This setup allows for a dynamic exchange of ideas, insights, and experiences that can be incredibly enriching for your audience.

The panel could cover a range of topics, from industry trends and challenges to personal growth and wellbeing in the workplace.

The key is to select panellists who are not only experts in their field but also excellent communicators who can connect with the audience.

lady on a panel on stage speaking with microphone

3. Cultural Experiences

In our increasingly globalised world, cultural experiences can add a unique and enriching dimension to your company event.

This could involve hosting traditional dance or live music performances, arranging for cultural craft workshops, or even organising a global food fair.

These fun event ideas not only entertain but also educate attendees about different cultures and traditions.

Creative corporate event ideas like this can leave a lasting impression and improve company culture.


4. Magic Show

Hosting a magic show at your corporate event can bring a sense of wonder and excitement that leaves attendees in awe.

A skilled magician can captivate the audience with their tricks, engage them with interactive performances, and even incorporate messages relevant to your company or industry.

This break from the norm can be incredibly refreshing.

Fun corporate event ideas like this can provide a memorable experience that attendees will be talking about long after the event.


5. Virtual Reality Experiences

Step into the future with virtual reality (VR) experiences at your corporate event.

This cutting-edge technology offers a unique and immersive way to engage attendees.

Imagine exploring a virtual world, playing an interactive game, or even experiencing a new product in a simulated environment.

VR can stimulate creativity, encourage collaboration, and provide an exciting departure from the usual event activities.

This fusion of technology and entertainment will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression, making your event a truly memorable experience.

Another fun corporate event idea!

For help with a corporate virtual reality experience contact The Events Company


6. Professional Photoshoots

Add a touch of glamour to your corporate event with professional photoshoots.

Offering attendees the opportunity to have their professional headshots taken is not only a valuable service but also a unique experience.

High-quality, professional images can enhance personal branding, boost confidence, and are perfect for use on professional networking platforms.


7. Food Tasting

Corporate events that implement food tasting session can be a welcomed and fun event addition.

It provides an opportunity for attendees to sample a variety of unique and delicious foods, perhaps from different cultures or gourmet trends.

This could range from exotic cheeses, artisan chocolates, to a selection of fine wines.

It’s important to take into consideration dietary restrictions and allergies when planning a food tasting event.

Ensure there are options available for everyone, and clearly label foods to avoid any allergic reactions.

Fun corporate events like this will make your event a memorable feast for the senses.

For help with a corporate food tasting experience contact London Food Lovers


8. Celebrity Guest Speakers

Inviting a celebrity guest speaker can add a touch of star power to your corporate event.

Whether they’re a renowned industry expert, a popular motivational speaker, or even a celebrity from the entertainment world, their presence can generate excitement and anticipation among attendees.

A good guest speaker can captivate the audience with their insights, experiences, and charisma.

They can inspire, motivate, and provide a fresh perspective on various topics.

The chance to see and hear from a celebrity in person can be a thrilling experience for attendees, making it another corporate event idea that will be talked about long after it’s over.

For help finding celebrity speakers contact Champions Speakers


9. Tech Demos and Hackathons

Tech demos and hackathons can add a dynamic and innovative edge to your corporate event.

They provide a platform for showcasing the latest technological advancements, including the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Attendees can witness first hand how AI is revolutionizing various industries, from automating tasks, enhancing customer service, to driving data analysis.

Whether your attendees are tech enthusiasts or not, the blend of innovation, learning, and competition in these activities will make your event a memorable experience.

For help organising your Hackathon contact Corporate Hackathon


10. Personalised T-shirt Making

Add a creative twist to your corporate event with a personalised t-shirt making station and get attendee creative juices flowing.

This fun and interactive activity allows attendees to design their own t-shirts.

They can choose from a variety of colours, designs, and even add their own text.

This blend of creativity, personal expression, and the takeaway of a custom t-shirt will ensure your event is memorable and talked about long after it’s over.


5 Corporate Event Activity Ideas

1. Team Building Workshops

Team building workshops serve as an excellent platform to enhance these essential skills.

These workshops can be tailored to address specific challenges faced by teams, such as communication barriers, trust issues, or problem-solving.

One particularly effective approach is to incorporate wellbeing workshops.

By focusing on mental and emotional wellbeing, these sessions not only help in building resilience among team members but also promote a holistic approach to professional challenges.

Team building activities can range from group meditation sessions, role-playing scenarios to trust-building exercises.

2. Outdoor Adventure Day

Breaking away from the confines of the office can offer a fresh perspective and rejuvenate the team.

An outdoor adventure day provides the perfect opportunity for employees to engage in a team building activity that challenges them physically and mentally, fostering a sense of achievement and camaraderie.

Activities can range from rock climbing, which promotes trust and teamwork, to treetop adventure courses that challenge one’s problem-solving skills and agility.

Such events not only promote physical health but also instil a sense of collective accomplishment.

The natural setting further aids in reducing stress, making it a holistic approach to team building and wellbeing.

For help with your outdoor adventure day contact Team Tactics


3. Creative Arts Session

In the corporate realm, where analytical thinking often takes precedence, it’s essential to balance it with creativity to foster innovation.

Hosting a creative arts session can be a refreshing break from the daily grind, allowing employees to tap into their artistic side.

Whether it’s a pottery workshop where teams collaborate to create a sculpture representing company values, such sessions can be incredibly insightful.

Alternatively, a painting class that encourages individuals to visually depict their vision for the company’s future can also offer profound insights.

For help with a creative art workshop contact Artful Collective

Man in an art workshop

4. Baking or Cooking Class

The kitchen can be a fantastic place for collaboration and creativity, making cooking or baking classes an excellent activity for corporate teams.

Organising a cooking class where employees come together to prepare a meal can mirror the dynamics of a workplace project.

Each member has a role to play, from chopping vegetables, marinating meats, to ensuring the right sequence of adding ingredients.

It teaches teams about time management, collaboration, and the importance of each role.

Such an activity not only enhances teamwork but also instils a sense of accomplishment and unity.

Contact Bread Ahead for a rang of baking and cooking workshops


5. Innovation Hackathon

The corporate world thrives on innovation, and what better way to foster it than through a hackathon?

Employees are grouped into teams and given a challenge related to the company’s industry or a societal issue.

They’re tasked with brainstorming and developing a viable solution within a set timeframe.

This activity not only sharpens problem-solving skills but also encourages cross-departmental collaboration.

a lightbulb sparking an idea

5 Corporate Event Party Ideas

Corporate party planning can be challenging and here are 5 creative ideas that can help you get started.

1. Corporate Milestone Party

Celebrating significant milestones, whether it’s a company anniversary, achieving a major business goal, or launching a new product, can be a grand affair.

Organise a lavish event at a prestigious event venue, reflecting the company’s journey through visual displays, interactive timelines, and multimedia presentations.

Invite key stakeholders, long-standing employees, and even some loyal clients.

Such an event not only boosts employee morale but also strengthens client relationships, showcasing the company’s growth and vision.

Why not check out our blog “10 Ways to Celebrate Company Milestones


2. Corporate Masquerade Party

Adding a touch of mystery and elegance, a masquerade ball can be a unique party idea for corporate events.

Employees can wear masks, adding an element of intrigue, while the event venue is decorated with opulent drapes, chandeliers, and ambient lighting.

Live orchestral music can set the tone for the evening.

The masks or costumes can be themed around different departments or company products.

Throughout the evening, employees can engage in team building activities that require them to network and guess the identities of their masked colleagues, promoting inter-departmental interaction.

An event like this not only offers a break from the usual corporate setting but also fosters camaraderie among employees in a fun and interactive manner.

Contact Quirky-hire for help with your masquerade party.


3. Culinary Fiesta Party

Celebrate the diverse cultures and backgrounds of your employees with a culinary party from food all around the world.

Rent a spacious venue and set up themed food stations representing different countries or regions.

Each station can offer signature dishes, drinks, and even traditional performances or live music from that region.

Employees can be given “company passports” to get stamped at each station, encouraging them to explore all the offerings.

To make it corporate-specific, each station could also highlight company operations or success stories from that particular region or country.


4. Retro Corporate Gala

Take a nostalgic trip down memory lane by organizing a retro-themed corporate gala.

Choose a specific decade, such as the ’70s, ’80s, or ’90s, and transform your venue to reflect the iconic styles, colours, and vibes of that era.

Attendees can dress up in period-specific attire, and the evening can be filled with music and dance numbers popular from that decade.

Use photo booths with vintage props to capture memorable moments.

This theme not only offers a fun escape from the usual but also provides an opportunity to reflect on the company’s journey and evolution over the years.


5. Starry Night Awards Party

Celebrate the stars of your company with a glamorous awards night.

Employee appreciation events like this with fancy corporate dinners can encourage attendees to have fun and let their hair down.

Roll out the red carpet and create an Oscars-like atmosphere where employees are recognised and awarded for their achievements, dedication, and innovative contributions.

The event space can be adorned with starry lights, elegant table settings, and a grand stage.

Categories can range from “Employee of the Year” and “Innovator of the Quarter” to fun ones like “Best Virtual Meeting Background.”

An event like this not only boosts morale but also acknowledges and appreciates the hard work and dedication of the employees in a grand manner.


5 Online Corporate Event Ideas

Online corporate event ideas are a great way to support remote employees.

Here are 5 suggestions that can help support your remote team.

1. Virtual Wellness Session

Prioritising employee wellbeing is essential, especially in a remote work environment where the lines between work and rest can blur.

Organise a virtual wellness webinar where employees can participate in a series of online sessions focused on mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing.

Such an event emphasises the company’s commitment to its employees’ holistic wellbeing, fostering a supportive and understanding corporate culture.


2. Virtual Team Building Challenges

As remote work becomes increasingly prevalent, fostering team cohesion in a virtual environment is crucial.

Organise a series of online team-building challenges that require collaboration, creativity, and problem-solving.

For instance, teams can be tasked with creating a digital mosaic representing company values using shared online tools.

Or they can participate in virtual escape rooms, where they must work in teams to solve puzzles and challenges.

A bit of healthy competition encourages employees to give it their best efforts.

Incorporating elements like these not only strengthens team dynamics but also ensures that the essence of camaraderie remains intact, even in a digital realm.

Online meeting with happy staff

3. Digital Innovation Showcase

In a world where businesses are rapidly transitioning to digital platforms, hosting a digital innovation showcase can be both enlightening and engaging.

Employees or departments can present their latest digital projects, tools, or solutions in a webinar format.

This could range from new software tools, digital marketing strategies, to innovative online customer engagement techniques.

Such an event not only fosters a culture of continuous learning and innovation but also provides a platform for teams to share and receive feedback in real-time.


4. Virtual Networking Mixer

Building connections and networking is a cornerstone of corporate growth, and it shouldn’t be limited by physical boundaries.

Organise a virtual networking mixer where employees, stakeholders, and even select clients can come together on a digital platform. Virtual events can be a fun idea as part of your online corporate event.

Utilise breakout rooms to facilitate smaller group discussions, and introduce icebreaker activities to initiate conversations.

Such an event not only fosters new connections but also strengthens existing relationships in a relaxed, informal setting.

employees in an online team meeting

5. Online Corporate Trivia Night

Engage and entertain your employees with a corporate-themed trivia night.

Curate questions related to the company’s history, industry trends, and even fun facts about colleagues.

Use interactive quiz platforms that allow real-time participation and scoring.

To make it more engaging, include multimedia questions like audio clips or video snippets.

Offer virtual prizes or recognition for the winning team.

Not only does this event provide a fun break from routine, but it also reinforces company knowledge and fosters a sense of community among employees.


How to Plan a Memorable Corporate Event

Corporate event planning is no small feat.

It requires careful planning, creativity, and attention to detail.

Here are some steps to guide you through the process:

Understand Your Audience

Knowing your audience is the first step to corporate event planning.

Understand their interests, expectations, and what they value in an event.

This will guide you in selecting the right activities, speakers, and experiences that will resonate with them.

Set Clear Objectives

What do you want to achieve with your event?

Is it to educate, to celebrate, to network, or to inspire?

Having clear objectives will guide your planning process and help you measure the success of your event.

Choose the Right Theme

A theme can set the tone for your event and make it more engaging.

It could be based on your objectives, your company’s values, or something fun and unique to make your event stand out.

Plan Engaging Activities

Incorporate activities that are interactive, fun, and provide value to your attendees.

This could range from keynote speeches, workshops, team building activities, to unique experiences like VR or a professional photoshoot.

Provide Excellent Food and Drinks

Good food and drinks can make an event more enjoyable and memorable.

Consider your audience’s preferences and dietary restrictions when planning the menu.

Event planning can be difficult so work with other providers to help you where possible.

healthy snacks

Ensure Smooth Execution

Plan every detail meticulously, make the registration easy, stick to timings, make it as easy and smooth as possible for attendees.

A well-executed event shows professionalism and respect for your attendees’ time.

Follow Up After the Event

Send out thank you notes, share event highlights, or provide resources related to the event.

This will extend the event experience and keep it fresh in the minds of your attendees.

Remember, the key to a memorable corporate or company event is to create an experience that provides value, enjoyment, and a lasting impression on your attendees.

post it note saying your feedback matters

Whether organising your event for a remote team or in person staff, it requires creativity, meticulous planning, and a deep understanding of your audience.

From inviting a wellbeing speaker, hosting an industry expert panel, to providing unique experiences like VR or a professional photoshoot, there are numerous ways to make your event stand out.

Remember, the goal is not just to organise your next corporate event, but to create an experience that resonates with your attendees.


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