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lady very cold in the shower

At the start of 2023 I decided to get started on my cold shower journey and haven’t looked back since. I've now reached just over 6 months of cold showers. Cold showers have become extremely popular over the last few years and I though I'd jump on the bandwagon. I...

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My Journey Into Public Speaking!

  Posted June 30, 2023     Personal Growth

In my university days, I made the decision to always try and challenge myself. Our lecturers would often look for volunteers during classes. They needed people to ask or answer questions to keep the discussions lively. Thinking it would help me understand the subjects better, I stepped up. This decision...

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Employee teamwork games are simple yet powerful activities that strengthen relationships, unleash creativity, and foster a thriving work environment. This isn't just about having fun, it's about crafting a dynamic, harmonious, and productive workplace where everyone feels connected and valued. So, whether you're a manager looking to energise your team,...

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Employee recognition - a concept that carries the power to transform work environments, boost morale, and increase productivity. Yet, it's often misunderstood or underutilized in many organizations. As experts in employee health and wellbeing, we're passionate about the potential of effective recognition and are eager to share our insights with...

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In this blog, we'll explore the ins and outs of holistic approaches to employee wellbeing. We'll uncover the immense benefits these strategies bring, not just for the employees but for the companies as well. Whether you're an HR professional, a manager, or an employee keen on understanding and advocating for...

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If you're looking for fresh, innovative ways to boost your productivity and transform your work-life balance, you've landed in the right place. We're exploring how the power of everyday habits—some rather unexpected—can play a significant role in personal growth and job satisfaction. From bracing cold showers to reconnecting with the...

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