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27 Loveable Employee Appreciation Day Ideas

Exploring the best employee appreciation day ideas is vital in fostering a positive work environment.

Employee appreciation day is more than a simple thank you, it’s an opportunity to make your employees feel truly valued.

Whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned pro in planning, our guide is packed with creative ideas to celebrate your team’s hard work and dedication.


When is Employee Appreciation Day?

22 Employee Appreciation Day Ideas

  1. Corporate Chair Massage
  2. A Fun Employee Workshop
  3. Team Building Away Day
  4. Professional Development Opportunities
  5. Surprise Lunch or Dinner Party
  6. Company Awards Ceremony
  7. Health and Wellness Day
  8. Say Thank You
  9. Afternoon Off Work
  10. Meditation Session
  11. Appreciation Certificates
  12. Organise a Company Picnic
  13. Gift Cards
  14. Visit a Cocktail Bar
  15. Cooking Class
  16. Hire a Guest Speaker
  17. Free Gym Membership
  18. Trip to the Theatre
  19. Gifts for Spouses or Children
  20. Football Match Tickets
  21. Gift Inspiring Books
  22. Donate to a Meaningful Cause

5 Virtual Employee Appreciation Ideas

  1. Wellbeing Webinars
  2. Virtual Game Night
  3. Virtual Recognition Ceremony
  4. Personalised Care Packages
  5. Peer-to-Peer Recognition Platform

Why Do We Celebrate Employee Appreciation Day?

What are the Benefits of Celebrating Employee Appreciation Day?

10 Steps to Plan an Awesome Employee Appreciation Day

How to Continue Showing Employee Appreciation Beyond This Day?


When is Employee Appreciation Day?

Employee Appreciation Day is celebrated annually on the first Friday of March. In 2024, it will fall on Friday 1st of March.

22 Employee Appreciation Day Ideas

Here are 22 Employee Appreciation Day Ideas to celebrate and recognize your team’s hard work and dedication in meaningful ways:

1. Corporate Chair Massage

Bring a touch of relaxation to your workplace with corporate chair massages.

This staff treat can be a fantastic way to show appreciation, offering employees a chance to unwind and de-stress.

Workplace massage is not just a momentary pleasure.

It can boost morale, reduce work-related stress, and even increase productivity.

Hire professional massage therapists to set up in a quiet corner or room of your office, creating a mini-oasis of relaxation and rejuvenation.

This thoughtful gesture can leave a lasting impression, making your team feel truly valued and cared for on employee appreciation day.


2. A Fun Employee Workshop

Why not organise a fun and interactive workshop for your team?

This could range from a creative arts class, like pottery or painting, to a practical skill-building session, like cooking, public speaking, or even a wellbeing workshop.

The key is to choose something enjoyable and a bit different from the daily work routine.

It’s a great way to break the monotony and encourage team bonding.

It also provides a platform for employees to learn something new.

Plus, it shows that you value their personal growth and interests.

These workshops can be a delightful break from work and a unique way to celebrate your team’s diversity and talents.

3. Team Building Away Day

Organising a team-building away day in London or another popular location can be a great way to show employee appreciation.

This getaway can be a mix of relaxation, fun activities, and team-building exercises.

It’s a chance for employees to bond outside the office environment and build stronger relationships.

Choose a location that offers a variety of activities, from outdoor adventures to wellness programs, catering to diverse interests.

A day like this not only serves as a great appreciation gesture but also recharges the team, fosters collaboration, and creates lasting memories.

4. Professional Development Opportunities

Offer your employees opportunities for professional development.

This can be in the form of sponsoring their attendance at a conference, workshop, or seminar relevant to their roles.

It demonstrates your investment in their career growth and shows that you value their professional progress.

This not only boosts morale but also enhances their skill set.

This can benefit both the individual and the organisation in the long term.

Professional development

5. Surprise Lunch or Dinner Party

Host a surprise lunch or dinner party for your team.

This could be at a nice restaurant or a catered event in the office.

The element of surprise adds excitement, and sharing a meal in a relaxed setting can be a wonderful way to express appreciation.

Use this time to mingle, share stories, and celebrate your team’s achievements.

It’s a warm, inclusive way to show your gratitude and strengthen the bonds within your team.

If delivered over lunch, you could even consider a lunch and learn style event.

6. Company Awards Ceremony

Create a company awards ceremony to celebrate the unique talents and achievements of your team.

Design fun and meaningful categories that highlight not just work-related accomplishments but also individual quirks and contributions to team spirit.

This event can be filled with humour, warmth, and genuine recognition.

This can help to make each employee feel special and valued.

It’s a great way to add a personal touch to appreciation and can be a memorable event that employees look forward to each year.


7. Health and Wellness Day

Initiate a health and wellness day.

This could range from yoga classes to health workshops.

It shows that you care about your employees’ wellbeing beyond their professional roles.

These initiatives can improve overall workplace morale and demonstrate a commitment to your team’s health and happiness.

Plus, they offer a great way for employees to relax, de-stress, and connect in a healthy, supportive environment.

8. Say Thank You

Sometimes, the simplest gestures have the most impact.

Regularly saying “thank you” in a genuine, heartfelt manner can make a big difference to employees feeling appreciated.

Acknowledge the hard work and dedication of your employees in day-to-day interactions.

This can be through a direct conversation, a thank-you email, or a shout-out in a team meeting.

These two words, when said sincerely, can boost morale and make employees feel valued for their efforts and contributions.

In fact, according to Forbes, employees who are appreciated for their work are far less likely to jump ship for an opportunity elsewhere.


9. Afternoon Off Work

Surprise your team with an unexpected afternoon off.

This spontaneous break is a wonderful way to show appreciation, giving your employees a few extra hours to relax or tend to personal matters.

It’s a simple yet effective way to acknowledge their hard work.

It can also provide a much-needed respite.

This gesture can significantly boost morale and show your team that their health and wellbeing are a priority.

10. Meditation Session

Organise a guided meditation session for your team.

Offering a space for mindfulness and relaxation can be incredibly valuable for employees.

A professional instructor can lead the session, helping employees to de-stress, refocus, and rejuvenate.

This not only benefits their mental health but also shows that you care about their overall wellbeing.

Such sessions can help to foster a calm and more productive work atmosphere.


11. Appreciation Certificates

Show appreciation by presenting personalised appreciation certificates to each team member.

These certificates can highlight specific achievements, strengths, or contributions that each employee brings to the team.

Not only do they serve as a formal acknowledgment of their hard work, but they also provide a tangible reminder of their value to the organisation.

These certificates can be presented in a small ceremony or a team meeting.

This can add a sense of occasion and make each employee feel celebrated and recognised.

12. Organise a Company Picnic

Plan a company picnic in a local park or outdoor space. (Weather dependent)

This informal and fun event can be a great way for everyone to relax and enjoy time together outside of the office environment.

Include games, good food, and perhaps some team-building activities.

A picnic encourages casual interactions and bonding among team members and can be a delightful way to show appreciation in a relaxed, enjoyable setting.

Why not encourage staff to bring their favourite snacks?

Make it a picnic to be remembered.


13. Gift Cards

Offer gift cards as a token of appreciation, a gesture that combines thoughtfulness with flexibility.

These can be for a variety of places, such as a favourite coffee shop, or bookstore, or as simple as an Amazon gift voucher.

The beauty of gift cards lies in their versatility.

This allows employees to choose something that genuinely delights or benefits them.

Whether it’s a treat to their favourite café or a purchase from an online store, gift cards are a practical way to say thank you.

This is a great way to show your team that you value their individual preferences and appreciate their contributions.

14. Visit a Cocktail Bar

Organise an outing to a local cocktail bar as a sophisticated and enjoyable way to show appreciation to your team. (Paid for by the company of course)

This could be an evening event where employees can relax, socialize, and enjoy a variety of crafted drinks.

Opting for a venue outside the office adds an element of excitement and novelty.

This can make it a special and memorable experience.

Ensure to choose a venue that caters to all, including non-alcoholic options.

This allows it to be inclusive of everyone’s preferences.

It’s an excellent opportunity for team bonding in a lively and elegant setting.


15. Cooking Class

Arrange a cooking class for your team as a unique and engaging appreciation activity.

This can be a fun way for employees to collaborate and learn new skills together.

Whether it’s making sushi, baking pastries, or preparing a gourmet meal, a cooking class encourages teamwork and creativity.

Plus, it ends with everyone enjoying the delicious results of their efforts.

This activity not only serves as a break from the usual routine but fosters a sense of teamwork and achievement among team members.

Food is a great way to show appreciation for many.

16. Hire a Guest Speaker

Invite an inspiring guest speaker to your office.

This can be someone renowned in your industry, a motivational speaker, or an expert in a field of interest to your team.

A guest speaker can provide fresh insights, inspire new ideas, and offer a stimulating break from work.

This kind of intellectual engagement shows that you value your employees’ personal and professional development.

It can be a rewarding and enlightening experience that leaves a lasting impact on the team.

Showing them that you appreciate them.


17. Free Gym Membership

Why not offer your employees a free gym membership as a way to show appreciation and invest in their health and wellbeing?

This can be a membership to a local gym close to the office or near their house.

Providing a gym membership shows that you care about their physical health.

It’s a benefit that employees can enjoy regularly, and it demonstrates a commitment to supporting their overall wellness, both inside and outside the workplace.

A study published by the National Library of Medicine found that employees who exercise are likely to be associated with better workers health and performance.

18. Trip to the Theatre

Plan a group outing to the theatre as a sophisticated and culturally enriching appreciation gesture.

Whether it’s a musical, a play, or an opera, a night at the theatre can be a memorable experience for your team.

This outing provides an opportunity for employees to dress up, step out of their usual routine, and enjoy a high-quality performance together.

It’s an elegant way to celebrate their hard work.

Going to the theatre offers a chance for team bonding in an artistic and inspiring environment.

Check out the London Theatre to see what’s on.

people seated at the theatre

19. Gifts for Spouses or Children

Extend your appreciation to include the spouses or children of your employees with thoughtful gifts.

This recognises the support that families provide, which is often crucial to your employees’ success and wellbeing.

Options could range from a charming family-oriented gift basket to tickets for a fun family outing.

By acknowledging the role of families, you bring joy to your employees and create a deeper sense of gratitude that appreciates the people who support them at home.

20. Football Match Tickets

Provide tickets to a local or major football match as an exciting and lively way to show appreciation.

This can be a thrilling experience for sports enthusiasts on your team.

Offering the chance to watch their favourite teams play live could be a gift never forgotten.

It’s a great way to encourage team bonding outside the office and create unforgettable memories.

Such an event can be especially appreciated by those passionate about sports.

This makes it a thoughtful and personalised gesture of recognition for their hard work and dedication.

Check out Ticketmaster to find suitable tickets.


21. Gift Inspiring Books

Select and gift inspiring books to your employees.

Choose books that motivate, educate, or resonate with your team’s interests.

Books can be a source of inspiration and learning, offering new perspectives and ideas.

You could opt for motivational books, industry-specific literature, or even fiction that aligns with employee hobbies or interests.

This thoughtful gesture not only encourages personal and professional growth but also shows that you value their intellectual development.

Plus, it’s a gift that employees can cherish and refer back to long after employee appreciation day.

Why not check out Waterstones for a selection of books?

Make a charitable donation in the name of your employees to a cause they care deeply about.

This can be an incredibly impactful way of showing appreciation.

Gestures like this align with their values and contribute to the greater good.

You could either choose a charity that reflects your company’s ethos or let employees vote on a cause they want to support.

This approach fosters a sense of social responsibility within your team.

It also demonstrates that you value their passions and commitment to making a difference in the world.


5 Virtual Employee Appreciation Ideas

Celebrate your remote team with these 5 virtual appreciation ideas.

Perfect for connecting and recognising your team members, no matter where they are.

1. Wellbeing Webinars

Host wellbeing webinars focused on topics like stress management, work-life balance, or gratitude.

These sessions, led by experts, can offer valuable insights and tools to support employee wellbeing.

It’s a way to show you care about your remote employees’ overall health.

Arranging these webinars provides them with resources to thrive in both their personal and work lives.

It’s also a great way to encourage a culture of learning and health within your virtual team.


2. Virtual Game Night

Organise a virtual game night as a fun and interactive way to bring your remote team together.

Choose from a variety of online games that encourage teamwork, laughter, and a bit of friendly competition.

This type of event offers a break from the regular remote work routine.

It also helps to fosters camaraderie and connection among team members.

This can enhance team spirit and engagement, even from a distance.

3. Virtual Recognition Ceremony

Host a virtual recognition ceremony to celebrate team achievements and individual contributions.

This can include awards, shout-outs, or showcasing projects.

A virtual ceremony allows everyone to participate and be acknowledged.

It’s a meaningful way to highlight accomplishments and express gratitude.

This reinforces a culture of appreciation and recognition across your virtual team.

Winners can be spotlighted on software like Zoom to highlight specific individuals.

Online meeting with happy staff

4. Personalised Care Packages

Send personalised care packages to your remote employees’ homes.

These can include items like healthy snacks, wellness products, company merchandise, or even personalised gifts based on their interests.

A physical package adds a personal touch to virtual appreciation.

It shows thoughtfulness and effort.

This can make your remote team members feel valued and connected to the company, despite the physical distance.

5. Peer-to-Peer Recognition Platform

Implement a peer-to-peer recognition platform where remote employees can acknowledge and celebrate each other’s achievements and contributions.

This can be a dedicated channel or software where team members can give shout-outs, share kudos, and recognise the efforts of their colleagues.

A platform like this encourages a culture of appreciation and positive feedback.

It also ensures that employee recognition is a regular and inclusive part of your remote work environment.

This helps to create a sense of community and mutual respect among team members.


Why Do We Celebrate Employee Appreciation Day?

Employee Appreciation Day is celebrated to acknowledge and express gratitude for employees’ hard work and dedication.

It’s a day dedicated to showing employees that their efforts are recognised and valued.

This is crucial for maintaining a positive work culture.

Celebrating this day boosts morale, strengthens employer-employee relationships, and reinforces the importance of each individual’s contribution to the organisation’s success.

It’s an opportunity for employers to demonstrate their commitment to employee wellbeing and to create a more engaged and motivated workforce.


What are the Benefits of Celebrating Employee Appreciation Day?

Celebrating Employee Appreciation Day offers numerous advantages:

Boosts Morale

Recognising the efforts of employees makes them feel valued and respected.

This recognition leads to increased job satisfaction and a happier work environment.

When employees are happy, they’re more engaged and committed.

Increases Productivity

Appreciated employees often feel more motivated.

This increased motivation translates into higher productivity.

They’re more likely to go the extra mile for employers who show appreciation.

Enhances Employee Retention

Feeling valued reduces turnover.

Employees who feel their work is acknowledged are less likely to seek other job opportunities.

This stability is crucial for maintaining a strong and experienced workforce.

Builds a Positive Workplace Culture

Celebrations can create an inclusive culture.

A positive work culture attracts talent and promotes a healthy working environment.

It encourages respect and unity among team members.

happy staff because of their workplace wellbeing culture

Encourages Teamwork and Collaboration

Recognition events can strengthen team bonds.

They create a sense of community, making employees more willing to collaborate and support each other.

This teamwork is essential for achieving common goals.

Improves Employer-Employee Relationship

Celebrating employee appreciation day deepens trust and loyalty.

It shows employees that management cares.

This can contribute to more open and effective communication.

A strong relationship between employees and management is key to a thriving business.

10 Steps to Plan an Awesome Employee Appreciation Day

Planning an awesome employee appreciation day is a great way to recognise and celebrate the hard work and dedication of your team.

Here are ten steps to help you plan a memorable and effective appreciation event:

1. Set a Date and Budget

Choose a date that works for most employees.

Although employee appreciation day is typically on the first Friday of Marc, this might not work for your workforce.

Ensure it doesn’t clash with other commitments or company deadlines.

Determine a budget for the event, taking into account the size of your team and the type of activities you want to include.

person creating a budget on a calculator

2. Form a Planning Committee

Assemble a small team to help with the planning.

This should include representatives from different departments to ensure diverse ideas.

This can make the forms of appreciation appealing to a wide range of employees.

3. Survey Employees for Ideas

Send out a survey to all employees asking for their ideas and preferences.

This ensures that employees are appreciated in the way they want to be.

Focus on choosing ideas that are appreciated by the majority.

It’s hard to please everyone.

4. Choose a Theme

Select a fun and engaging theme for the day.

This could be anything from a carnival theme to a wellness-focused day.

The theme will guide your decisions on decorations, activities, and food.

5. Plan Activities

Based on the theme and employee feedback, plan a variety of activities.

These could include team-building exercises, workshops, games, or relaxation zones.

Consider hiring external vendors or entertainers if the budget allows.


6. Arrange for Food and Beverages

Cater to diverse dietary needs by offering a range of food options.

This could include a breakfast buffet or catered lunch.

Arrange something relevant for your workplace.

7. Communicate Regularly

Keep employees informed about the plans.

Regular updates will build anticipation and ensure high participation.

Give employees adequate notice if you’d like them to take part in activities.

8. Give Personalised Recognition

Plan to recognise each employee in some way.

This could be through awards, shout-outs, or small personalised gifts.

Recognising individual contributions makes the appreciation more meaningful.

9. Capture the Moments

Arrange for a photographer or set up a photo booth to capture fun moments from the day.

These photos can be shared later in a company newsletter or on social media.

Ensure that employees are comfortable with their photos being shared on social media if doing so.

10. Gather Feedback After the Event

After the employee appreciation day, send out a survey to gather feedback.

This will help in understanding what worked well and what can be improved.

Acknowledging feedback is another way of appreciating employees.

Remember, the goal of employee appreciation day is to make your team feel valued.

With thoughtful planning and execution, it can be a highly rewarding and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.


How to Continue Showing Employee Appreciation Beyond This Day?

Continuing to show employee appreciation beyond a designated appreciation day is essential for maintaining a positive and engaging workplace culture.

Here are some strategies to ensure that appreciation is a regular part of your work environment:

Regular Recognition Programs

Implement ongoing recognition programs that acknowledge employee achievements, milestones, and contributions.

This can be done through employee of the month awards, performance bonuses, or public acknowledgments in meetings or newsletters.

Feedback and Communication

Encourage a culture of open communication where feedback is regularly given and received.

This not only includes constructive feedback but also positive reinforcement and appreciation for good work.

Professional Development Opportunities

Show your employees that you value their growth.

Offer opportunities for professional development.

This could be in the form of workshops, courses, mentoring programs, or attendance at conferences.

Work-Life Balance Support

Demonstrate appreciation for your employees’ wellbeing.

Actively support work-life balance.

This can include flexible working hours, remote work options, or additional personal days.


Employee Wellness Programs

Invest in wellness programs that cater to physical, mental, and emotional health.

This could include gym memberships, on-site massage, wellness challenges, mental health days, or access to counselling services.

Celebrating Personal Milestones

Recognise important personal milestones of employees.

This can things like birthdays, work anniversaries, or significant personal achievements.

This personal touch shows employees that they are valued as individuals.

Inclusive and Fun Activities

Regularly organise team-building activities or social events.

This helps in fostering a sense of community and belonging.

It also helps to show appreciation continuously.

Empowerment and Autonomy

Show trust in your employees by giving them autonomy in their work.

Empower employees to make decisions.

This can increase their sense of ownership and satisfaction in their roles.

Listening to Employee Feedback

Actively seek and listen to employee feedback.

Implementing changes based on their suggestions can demonstrate that their opinions are valued and taken seriously.

Creating a Positive Work Environment

Strive to create an atmosphere where appreciation is part of the daily culture.

This includes simple acts like saying thank you, acknowledging efforts in team meetings, and creating an environment of mutual respect.

By integrating these practices into your workplace, you show continuous appreciation to your employees.

This contributes to a more motivated, loyal, and productive workforce.


In conclusion, employee appreciation day is a perfect opportunity to show your team how much they are appreciated.

Whether you choose one or a mix of the 27 loveable ideas above, the key is genuine and inclusive appreciation.

Remember, a little appreciation goes a long way in uplifting the spirit of your entire workforce.


Tyler Lowe – Health & Wellbeing Speaker

BSc Sport & Exercise Rehabilitation

Tyler and the team at Loving Life have helped many companies show appreciation to their workforce. Whether it through on-site massage, wellbeing workshops, webinars or tailored sessions.

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