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10 Corporate Team Building Activities in Reading

Creating a strong, cohesive team is crucial in the corporate world.

What better way to strengthen bonds than through engaging and innovative team-building activities?

If you’re a company based in or near Reading, this blog aims to give you corporate team-building ideas that come to you or are based in the local area.

Whether you’re looking to foster leadership skills, improve teamwork, or just have a memorable day with your colleagues, Reading offers a range of options that promise to exceed your expectations.


10 Corporate Team Building Activities in Reading

  1. Wellbeing Workshops
  2. Wine Tasting
  3. Escape Rooms
  4. Go Karting
  5. Crazy Golf
  6. Corporate Cooking Classes
  7. Football Zorbing
  8. Group Archery
  9. Indoor Climbing
  10. Lunch and Learn

Map of Corporate Team Building Activities in Reading


10 Corporate Team Building Activities in Reading

Here are 10 Unique corporate team building activities accessible to Reading that will help bring your colleagues together.

1. Wellbeing Workshops

In the fast-paced corporate environment, the importance of employee wellbeing often takes a backseat. However, prioritizing mental and physical health is crucial for a productive and harmonious workplace.

Wellbeing Workshops offer a valuable solution.

These workshops focus on enhancing employees’ overall health, addressing stress management, healthy habits, work-life balance and more.

They provide practical tools and strategies to help staff manage their wellbeing effectively.

Incorporating such workshops into your team-building activities can lead to a more engaged, focused, and ultimately happier workforce.

At Loving Life we deliver a range of wellbeing workshops to help companies with their team building activities.

Get in touch for more info.

2. Wine Tasting

Wine Tasting events are a sophisticated and enjoyable way to enhance team building.

They offer a blend of education and entertainment, perfect for corporate groups.

At these tastings, teams learn about various wines, their origins, and the nuances of flavour and aroma.

Wine Tasting is ideal for teams looking to engage in a more relaxed, yet culturally enriching environment.

These experiences are also a great way to develop sensory skills and promote a refined understanding of a globally appreciated art form.

Contact Stanlake Park for more info on wine tasting.


3. Escape Rooms

Escape Rooms are a thrilling way to foster team unity and problem-solving skills.

In this immersive experience, teams are locked in a themed room and must work together to find clues, solve puzzles, and escape within a set time limit.

It’s an adrenaline-filled activity that tests and enhances communication, collaboration, and creative thinking.

Each room presents a unique challenge, requiring teams to strategise and think on their feet.

Escape Rooms are perfect for teams seeking a dynamic and interactive experience that takes them away from the typical office environment.

Contact Escape Reading for more info.


4. Go Karting

Go Karting is an exhilarating team-building activity that combines speed, strategy, and friendly competition.

Its gets the adrenaline pumping and encourages team members to engage in friendly competition.

Participants can race against each other in a safe and controlled setting.

It’s not just about who crosses the finish line first, Go Karting also requires tactical thinking, as participants decide when to speed up, slow down, and overtake competitors.

This activity is perfect for teams looking to inject some high-energy fun into their bonding experience.

Contact Team Sport Go Karting in Reading for more info.

5. Crazy Golf

Crazy Golf is a lighthearted and entertaining team-building activity that adds a playful twist to traditional golf.

It’s a nice blend of fun and skill, where teams navigate quirky and creatively designed courses.

Each hole offers a unique challenge, encouraging players to think creatively and strategically.

This activity is great for all skill levels, making it inclusive and enjoyable for everyone in the team.

It’s an excellent way to break the ice and encourage team members to interact in a relaxed, fun-filled environment.

Contact Spinners Crazy Golf in Reading for more info.


6. Corporate Cooking Classes

Corporate cooking classes are a delightful and engaging way to build team spirit and collaboration.

These classes take the team into the kitchen, a place where creativity, cooperation, and communication are key ingredients.

Participants work together to prepare, cook, and enjoy a meal, turning the kitchen into a lively hub of team-building activity.

This hands-on experience not only teaches culinary skills but also emphasizes the importance of working together toward a common goal.

It’s an opportunity for team members to bond over the shared joy of cooking and eating, all while learning something new.

Contact The Cooking Academy in Reading for more info.

7. Football Zorbing

Football Zorbing, also known as Bubble Football, is a hilarious and energetic team-building activity that combines the fun of football with the challenge of doing it while encased in a giant inflatable zorb.

This unique twist on traditional football requires players to wear large bubbles, which lead to plenty of laughter as they bump into each other while trying to score goals.

It’s an excellent way for teams to let off steam, encourage teamwork, and engage in some casual competition.

The game is less about football skills and more about enjoying the moment and working together in a fun, unconventional setting.

Contact Football Zorbing UK for more info.

8. Group Archery

Group Archery is a team-building activity that combines skill, focus, and a touch of medieval flair.

It’s an exciting way for team members to challenge themselves and each other in a friendly and supportive environment.

Archery requires concentration, patience, and a steady hand, making it a great way to develop precision and calmness under pressure.

Teams can compete in various challenges or simply enjoy learning a new skill together.

Group Archery is perfect for teams looking for an activity that is both physically engaging and mentally stimulating.

Contact Reading Archers for more info.


9. Indoor Climbing

Indoor Climbing is an exciting and challenging team-building activity that encourages trust, communication, and support among team members.

It’s a physical and mental exercise where participants climb walls of varying difficulty, pushing their boundaries and overcoming fears.

This activity is great for building confidence and fostering a sense of achievement.

As team members climb, they often rely on their colleagues for encouragement and guidance, strengthening the bonds of trust and cooperation.

Indoor Climbing is an ideal activity for teams looking to engage in a stimulating and rewarding experience that combines physical activity with problem-solving skills.

Contact Parthian Climbing for more info.

10. Lunch and Learn

For companies keen on team-building without leaving the office, Lunch and Learn sessions are a fantastic idea.

These sessions combine the relaxed atmosphere of a shared meal with the opportunity for professional development and learning.

Employees can enjoy a catered lunch while engaging in a workshop or listening to a guest speaker.

This format is less formal than traditional training sessions, encouraging open discussion and interaction among team members.

It’s an excellent way for employees to gain new insights, share knowledge, and foster connections over a meal.

Check out our blog below for lunch and learn ideas.

27 Corporate Lunch and Learn Ideas


Map of Corporate Team Building Activities in Reading

Reading has a range of team-building activities that can help strengthen your corporate team.

Whether your aim is to boost morale, foster communication, or simply enjoy a memorable day out, these activities provide unique opportunities for growth and enjoyment.

If you’d like help with a tailored workshop for your corporate team building activity, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Tyler Lowe – Health & Wellbeing Speaker

BSc Sport & Exercise Rehabilitation

Tyler is the founder of Loving Life and has helped support dozens of companies with their team away days and team building events by delivering fun, engaging and interactive sessions that align with company objectives.

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