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15 Fun Team Building Activities and Ideas in Bristol

Ready to check out some super cool team-building activities in Bristol?

This city isn’t just about cool sights, it’s a playground for fun team building activities and challenges.

With a range of activities and ideas Bristol is full of surprises, and it’s a great spot to bond with your team.

We’ve picked out 15 amazing team building activities that will help strengthen team bonds and bring colleagues together.

Whether it’s having an emphasis on employee wellbeing or a boozy team night out, this list caters to all.


15 Fun Team Building Activities in Bristol

  1. Wellbeing Workshops
  2. Go Karting
  3. Cocktail Masterclass
  4. Chocolate Making
  5. West Country Games
  6. Escape Room
  7. Virtual Reality
  8. Air Hop
  9. Clip n Climb
  10. Wine Tasting
  11. West Country Water Park
  12. Axe Throwing
  13. Bristol Walking Tour
  14. Crazy Golf
  15. Leap of Faith

Map of Team Building Activities in Bristol


15 Fun Team Building Activities in Bristol

From corporate wellbeing to social outings, these 15 team building ideas and activities will help you create a moment that your colleagues will love.

1. Wellbeing Workshops

Wellbeing workshops are all about feeling good and working better together.

In these sessions, you and your team will learn cool ways to stay healthy and happy both in and outside the workplace

It’s not just about exercise, you’ll discover how to handle stress, create better habits, and find a good work-life balance.

These workshops are a fun, relaxed way to learn about staying well and prioritising health.

With the interactive delivery style of these sessions, they provide a great opportunity for colleagues to come together and connect.

At Loving Life, we deliver a range of tailored wellbeing workshops to help companies support the health and wellbeing of their employees.

Get in touch for more info.

2. Go Karting

Go Karting is a great team building activity filled with high speed fun!

It’s a thrilling race where you and your team zoom around on a track, trying to cross the finish line first.

Feel the adrenaline as you navigate twists and turns, competing against each other in a friendly but exciting race.

Go Karting is not just about speed, it’s about strategy, teamwork, and, most importantly, having a blast.

Whether you’re a pro or a newbie, it’s an awesome way to rev up team spirit and share some laughs.

Contact Team sport Bristol for more info

3. Cocktail Masterclass

Shake up your team building with a Cocktail Masterclass!

This is where you learn to mix, shake, and create amazing cocktails.

Led by expert mixologists, you’ll dive into the art of cocktail making in a fun and interactive setting.

It’s not just about making drinks, it’s about teamwork, creativity, and enjoying the delicious results.

Whether you’re crafting a classic or inventing something new, this masterclass at Milk Thistle Bristol is great for a memorable and engaging team experience.

Contact Milk Thistle in Bristol for more info.


4. Chocolate Making

Dive into a sweet adventure with Chocolate Making!

This delicious experience is not just about tasting, it’s about creating your very own chocolates.

Colleagues will learn from chocolate experts, discover different chocolate flavours, and get hands-on in crafting these delightful treats.

It’s a perfect mix of learning, teamwork, and indulgence.

Plus, you get to take home your chocolate creations!

This activity is a fantastic way to bond with your team and add a touch of sweetness to your team-building day.

Contact Chilli Sauce for more info.


5. West Country Games

Embrace the hilarity and fun at West Country Games!

This unique activity features a series of goofy and entertaining games that capture the spirit of the West Country.

You’ll be laughing and competing in team challenges like welly throwing, cider run, and tractor tyre rolling.

It’s a fantastic way to break the ice, encourage team bonding, and have an unforgettable time.

Perfect for groups looking for a light-hearted and action-packed day, West Country Games guarantees loads of laughs and some friendly competition.

Contact West Country Games for more info

6. Escape Room

Step into a world of mystery with an Escape Room experience!

Locked In A Room Bristol offers an exhilarating challenge where teamwork is key.

Your group will be immersed in a themed room, filled with puzzles and clues.

The goal?

Work together to solve the mysteries and escape before time runs out.

It’s a race against the clock that tests problem-solving skills, communication, and collaboration.

Whether you crack the code or not, it’s a thrilling way to build team unity and have a ton of fun.

Contact Locked in a Room for more info.

7. Virtual Reality

Step into a new world with Virtual Reality at Vertigo VR Bristol!

This unique experience takes your team on an incredible journey through virtual landscapes.

Whether you’re battling zombies, solving puzzles in space, or exploring new worlds, VR offers an immersive and unforgettable team-building adventure.

The VR games are about working together in a virtual environment to achieve common goals.

Perfect for tech-savvy teams or those looking to try something new and exciting, Virtual Reality at Vertigo VR is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Contact Vertigo VR in Bristol for more info.


8. Air Hop

Bounce into team building with Air Hop, Bristol’s ultimate trampoline park!

Here, you and your team can leap into a world of fun with wall-to-wall trampolines.

It’s not just about jumping high, it’s about team games, dodgeball battles, and foam pit challenges.

Air Hop offers a playful way to build teamwork, communication, and trust, all while having a blast.

This activity is great for those looking to add some energy and laughter to their team-building day.

Get ready to jump, laugh, and bond in a way you’ve never done before!

Contact Air Hop Bristol for more info.

9. Clip n Climb

Reach new heights with Clip n Climb at Bloc Climbing Bristol!

This activity is all about challenging yourself and your team on various climbing walls.

Each wall offers a unique test of agility, strength, and problem-solving.

It’s an exciting way to encourage teamwork, as you cheer each other on and conquer the climbs together.

Clip n Climb is perfect for teams seeking an adventurous and supportive environment to build trust and cooperation.

Get ready to climb, have fun, and create memorable experiences with your team.

Contact Clip n Climb for more info.

Indoor rock climbing

10. Wine Tasting

Indulge in the refined experience of Wine Tasting with your team at KASK Wine, Bristol.

It’s a journey through the world of fine wines, where you’ll learn about different grape varieties, regions, and winemaking processes.

This activity is not just about tasting exquisite wines but about building team camaraderie and enjoying sophisticated fun together.

KASK Wine provides a cozy and elegant setting, perfect for relaxing, learning, and engaging in thoughtful conversations.

Wine Tasting is ideal for teams looking to blend relaxation with a touch of class.

Contact Kask Wine for more info.


11. West Country Water Park

Splash into an exciting team-building day at West Country Water Park!

This water-based adventure is perfect for teams looking for a mix of excitement and relaxation.

Whether it’s tackling inflatable obstacle courses, engaging in water sports, or simply enjoying the serene lakeside, there’s something for everyone.

The park encourages teamwork and communication as you navigate through fun and challenging water activities.

It’s a great opportunity for team members to bond, laugh, and enjoy the great outdoors together.

Contact West Country Water Park for more info.

12. Axe Throwing

Experience the thrill of Axe Throwing at Whistle Punks in Bristol!

This activity is all about unleashing your inner warrior and learning a unique skill.

You and your team will get the chance to throw axes at targets, competing to see who can hit the bullseye.

It’s a great way to foster a sense of friendly competition and camaraderie.

The experienced instructors ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone.

Axe Throwing is perfect for teams that want to try something different and exciting, making for an unforgettable team-building event.

Contact Whistle Punks Bristol for more info.

13. Bristol Walking Tour

Explore the rich history and vibrant culture of Bristol with the Ultimate Bristol Walking Tour.

This guided tour takes you through the city’s fascinating streets, uncovering stories from the infamous pirate Blackbeard to the iconic street artist Banksy.

It’s an educational and engaging way to learn about Bristol’s heritage while fostering team connections.

As you wander through the city, you’ll have the opportunity to bond over shared discoveries and insights, making it a perfect activity for teams looking to blend learning with leisure.

Contact Blackbeard 2 Banksy for more info.


14. Crazy Golf

Putt your way to team-building success with Crazy Golf at Jungle Rumble Bristol!

This isn’t your typical golf experience, it’s a wild and wacky adventure with fun obstacles and themed courses.

Whether you’re navigating through jungle ruins or avoiding cheeky obstacles, it’s a game that encourages laughter and light-hearted competition.

Crazy Golf is a fantastic way to get team members to interact, communicate, and enjoy some friendly rivalry.

It’s perfect for teams looking for a playful and relaxed way to spend time together, creating memorable moments one putt at a time.

Contact Jungle Rumble in Bristol for more info.


15. Leap of Faith

Dare to take the Leap of Faith in Bristol for an exhilarating team-building experience!

This high-adrenaline activity challenges you and your team to climb up and leap towards a target from a towering platform.

It’s not just about the thrill, it’s about building trust, encouraging each other, and overcoming fears together.

The Leap of Faith is perfect for teams seeking to strengthen their bond through a shared, heart-pounding adventure.

It’s a unique opportunity to step out of the comfort zone and into a world of excitement and teamwork.

Contact Leap of Faith for more info.

Map of Team Building Activities in Bristol

As we wrap up our journey through Bristol’s exciting team-building activities, it’s clear that this vibrant city offers something for every team.

From the adrenaline rush of Go Karting and the Leap of Faith, to the creative joys of Chocolate Making and the serenity of Wine Tasting, Bristol combines fun, learning, and teamwork in unique ways.

Each activity we’ve explored is more than just a day out, it’s an opportunity to strengthen bonds, foster collaboration, and create lasting memories.

At Loving Life, we help companies support the health and wellbeing of their employees.

Our wellbeing workshops are a fantastic addition to any team building event.

Get in touch for more info!

Tyler Lowe – Health & Wellbeing Speaker

BSc Sport & Exercise Rehabilitation

Tyler is the founder of Loving Life and has helped support dozens of companies with their team away days and team building events by delivering fun, engaging and interactive workshops that align with company objectives.

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