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17 Team Building Ideas and Activities in Manchester

Manchester is a city renowned for its vibrant culture and spirited history.

It offers a range of activities for team building and we’ve decided to put together a list of the best ideas for you and your team.

Whether it’s for a team away day or an annual get-together, these ideas will help inspire you to create a successful day.

From team workshops to unravelling mysteries together, this city transforms ordinary team activities into extraordinary experiences.

In this blog, we dive into a world where collaboration meets fun, where teams not only grow stronger but also share unforgettable moments.


Map of Team Building Activities in Manchester

17 Team Building Ideas and Activities in Manchester

  1. Wellbeing Workshops
  2. Breakout
  3. Flight Club Manchester
  4. Box Deansgate
  5. Sixes Cricket
  6. Go Ape Rivington
  7. Immersive Gamebox
  8. Football Zorbing Manchester
  9. Inflatable Park Manchester
  10. Virtual Reality Arcade Manchester
  11. Mobile Cocktail Making Manchester
  12. Wine Tasting Manchester
  13. Go-Karting Manchester Trafford Park
  14. Indoor Skydiving Manchester
  15. Parthian Climbing Manchester
  16. Corporate Archery
  17. Axe Throwing Manchester

What are the Benefits of Team Building Activities in Manchester?

Map of Team Building Activities in Manchester

17 Team Building Ideas and Activities in Manchester

Whether it’s as part of an away day or a team building experience, these 17 activites wil give you ideas to create an unforgettable experience.

1. Wellbeing Workshops

Employee wellbeing is at the heart of every company.

Without employee health, how do we expect teams to deliver their best!

That’s where wellbeing workshops can help.

These workshops are designed to be interactive, engaging, fun, and bring colleagues together.

Whether it’s a workshop to inspire life-changing habits or to reduce stress, there are a range of workshops that can help bring your team together for a memorable and enjoyable experience.

At Loving Life, we deliver a range of workshops that can help your team building experience.

Whether the workshop is delivered at your office, or in an offsite venue, we’re happy to help.

Get in touch for more info.

2. Breakout

Why not immerse your team in a thrilling race against time at Breakout Manchester?

Teams are locked in a room filled with puzzles, mysteries, and clues.

The mission?

To escape before time runs out.

It’s a test of teamwork, problem-solving, and quick thinking.

Each themed room offers a unique storyline, making the experience exhilarating and unforgettable.

Will your team crack the code to freedom?

For more information visit Breakout Manchester

3. Flight Club Manchester

Step into Flight Club Manchester, where the traditional game of darts gets a fun, modern twist.

Located on King Street, this venue combines the excitement of darts with state-of-the-art technology.

Teams can engage in various dart games, suitable for all skill levels, fostering friendly competition and team building.

It’s not just about hitting the bullseye, it’s about bonding with colleagues in a lively atmosphere.

With delicious food and drinks on offer, Flight Club ensures an unforgettable team-building experience.

Perfect for those looking to add a playful edge to their corporate events.

Discover more about Flight Club Manchester.

4. Box Deansgate

Box Deansgate stands out as a versatile and vibrant venue for team building in Manchester.

Located at 125 Deansgate, it’s more than just a sports bar, it’s a hub for corporate events and team gatherings.

Offering tailor-made packages, it caters to various group sizes and budgets.

The space flexes to host both lively and more formal events, making it ideal for diverse team-building needs.

Whether it’s watching major sports events on the many TVs or engaging in friendly competitions, BOX Deansgate creates an atmosphere where teams can relax, bond, and connect.

Add to this their tempting food and drink menu, and you have the perfect recipe for a successful team-building outing.

Explore Box Deansgate for your next team event.


5. Sixes Cricket

Sixes Cricket in Manchester offers a unique spin on team building with its cricket-themed experience.

Nestled in the heart of the city, this venue invites teams to step into the world of social cricket, regardless of their skill level.

It’s not just about cricket, it’s about uniting teams in an energetic and enjoyable environment.

With state-of-the-art batting nets, participants can enjoy a friendly match, foster team spirit, and engage in some healthy competition.

The experience is rounded off with great food and drinks, making Sixes Cricket a perfect spot for an entertaining and bonding team outing.

Learn more about the Sixes Cricket experience in Manchester.

6. Go Ape Rivington

Just a stone’s throw from Manchester, Go Ape Rivington offers an exhilarating outdoor adventure, great for team building.

This isn’t just a day out, it’s a journey into the treetops, featuring high ropes, zip wires, and Tarzan swings.

Embrace the great outdoors as your team navigates through the canopy, encouraging each other along the way.

This experience is all about trust, courage, and teamwork, set amidst the stunning backdrop of Rivington’s natural beauty.

It’s an ideal choice for teams seeking a challenge beyond the city’s hustle and bustle.

Unleash your adventurous side and strengthen team bonds at Go Ape Rivington.

Discover more about this treetop adventure near Manchester.

7. Immersive Gamebox

Immersive Gamebox in Manchester Arndale brings a new dimension to team building with its cutting-edge interactive technology.

Located in the heart of the city, this venue offers a range of immersive and engaging group gaming experiences.

Teams can dive into a variety of virtual worlds, from high-energy block smashing to strategic coin collecting, and even space missions.

It’s an ideal platform for enhancing communication, teamwork, and problem-solving skills in a fun, dynamic environment.

Immersive Gamebox’s unique blend of technology and play makes it a standout choice for teams looking for an unconventional and memorable team-building activity.

Explore the exciting world of Immersive Gamebox in Manchester.

8. Football Zorbing Manchester

Football zorbing in Manchester offers a hilarious twist to traditional football, blending the game with the fun of zorbing.

Teams get strapped inside giant inflatable bubbles and play a unique version of football, where bouncing, rolling, and bumping into each other is part of the game.

This activity is not only a great physical workout but also a fantastic way to encourage team spirit and laughter.

It’s ideal for those seeking a playful, action-packed team-building experience that breaks the ice and builds teamwork.

Located in two venues around Manchester, Football Zorbing provides an unforgettable, energetic, and laughter-filled team-building session.

Find out more about Football Zorbing in Manchester

9. Inflatable Park Manchester

Inflatable park Manchester offers a vibrant and energetic environment for team building, located at Inflata Nation in Trafford Park.

It’s the UK’s first inflatable theme park, where adults can unleash their inner child in a fun-filled setting.

Picture a massive area filled with bouncing inflatables, including giant slides, obstacle courses, gladiator podiums, and ball pits.

Teams can engage in playful challenges, fostering a sense of unity and enjoyment.

It’s a perfect choice for groups looking to combine physical activity with light-hearted fun.

Inflatable Park Manchester is an ideal venue for creating lasting memories and strengthening team bonds in a unique and exhilarating way.

Explore more about Inflatable Park Manchester

10. Virtual Reality Arcade Manchester

Virtual reality arcade Manchester by DNA VR takes team building to a whole new level.

Located in the heart of the city, this arcade offers an array of virtual reality experiences that transport teams to incredible and diverse worlds.

From battling zombies in a post-apocalyptic landscape to exploring ancient pyramids, the options for adventure are limitless.

This immersive technology not only provides entertainment but also enhances team collaboration, communication, and problem-solving skills in a thrilling, virtual environment.

Ideal for teams seeking a cutting-edge and engaging experience.

Virtual Reality Arcade Manchester presents a unique opportunity to bond and challenge each other in ways beyond the ordinary.

Discover the immersive world of Virtual Reality Arcade in Manchester.

11. Mobile Cocktail Making Manchester

Mobile cocktail making in Manchester offers a unique and delightful twist to team building.

This activity brings the art of cocktail making directly to your preferred location, whether it’s an office or a hired venue.

Guided by professional bartenders, teams learn to mix, shake, and create a variety of classic and innovative cocktails.

It’s not just about learning new skills, it’s about teamwork and creativity in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere.

This activity is perfect for teams looking to unwind and bond over a shared, hands-on experience.

Mobile cocktail making in Manchester provides all the necessary ingredients and equipment, ensuring a smooth and memorable team-building event.

Learn more about Mobile Cocktail Making experiences in Manchester.


12. Wine Tasting Manchester

For the wine lovers in your team, wine tasting in Manchester offers a sophisticated and educational team-building experience.

Hosted by the Manchester Wine School, these events are perfect for corporate groups looking to engage in a refined and enjoyable activity.

Teams are guided through the intricacies of wine tasting, learning about different grape varieties, regions, and wine-making processes.

It’s an opportunity to develop sensory skills, encourage discussions, and enjoy quality wines in a relaxed setting.

This activity not only enhances knowledge and appreciation of wine but also promotes team bonding through a shared cultural experience.

Whether you’re a novice or a wine enthusiast, Wine Tasting in Manchester caters to all levels and provides an elegant backdrop for corporate team building.

Explore the world of wine with corporate events by Manchester Wine School.

13. Go-Karting Manchester Trafford Park

Go-Karting at Manchester Trafford Park by TeamSport offers an adrenaline-pumping team-building activity that’s sure to ignite competitive spirits.

Located in Trafford Park, this venue boasts top-notch indoor karting tracks, providing the perfect setting for an exhilarating race experience.

Teams can engage in friendly competition, racing around the track, mastering turns, and striving for the fastest lap times.

This high-speed activity fosters team spirit, encourages healthy competition and is ideal for those looking for an action-packed team outing.

Go-karting at Manchester Trafford Park is not just about speed, it’s about collaboration, strategy, and shared excitement.

Experience the thrill of go-karting with your team at Manchester Trafford Park.

14. Indoor Skydiving Manchester

Indoor Skydiving at iFLY Manchester brings the thrill of skydiving within the safe confines of a state-of-the-art vertical wind tunnel.

This unique team-building activity offers the exhilarating sensation of freefall without the need to jump from an airplane.

Teams get to experience the thrill of flying as they are guided by experienced instructors, making it suitable for all, regardless of previous experience.

It’s a fantastic way to foster team spirit as colleagues encourage and watch each other defy gravity.

Indoor Skydiving is not just about the thrill, it’s about stepping out of comfort zones, building trust, and creating an unforgettable bonding experience.

Discover the excitement of Indoor Skydiving with iFLY Manchester.

15. Parthian Climbing Manchester

Parthian climbing in Manchester offers a unique and exhilarating team-building experience with its indoor climbing challenges.

Located in a vibrant and accessible area of the city, this venue provides a variety of climbing walls suitable for all skill levels, from beginners to seasoned climbers.

The activity focuses on trust, encouragement, and teamwork as colleagues help each other navigate different routes and overcome obstacles.

Climbing at Parthian not only tests physical strength and agility but also enhances problem-solving skills and boosts confidence.

It’s an ideal activity for teams looking to engage in a fun, active, and bonding experience.

Parthian Climbing Manchester creates an environment where teams can push their limits together in a safe and supportive setting.

Learn more about the climbing adventures at Parthian Climbing Manchester.

16. Corporate Archery

Corporate Archery is ateam-building experience that is different from the norm.

Hosted in Manchester by The Archertype, this activity introduces teams to the ancient skill of archery in a modern corporate setting.

Participants learn the basics of archery from skilled instructors, focusing on precision, concentration, and patience.

It’s a great way to foster a sense of achievement and togetherness as team members support and challenge each other to hit the bullseye.

Corporate Archery is not just about hitting targets, it’s about setting goals, enhancing focus, and building team spirit in a fun and relaxed environment.

Discover more about Corporate Archery for team building with The Archertype.

17. Axe Throwing Manchester

Axe Throwing at Whistle Punks in Manchester presents a thrilling and unconventional team-building activity.

Located in the heart of the city, this venue offers an opportunity for teams to learn and master the art of axe throwing.

Guided by expert instructors, participants engage in a safe and controlled environment, learning how to throw axes at wooden targets.

It’s an excellent way to relieve stress, encourage friendly competition, and foster team spirit.

Axe Throwing is not just a physical activity, it requires focus, coordination, and a steady hand.

This helps to make it a unique and memorable team-building experience.

This activity is perfect for teams looking for something out of the ordinary to bond over and challenge each other.

Experience the excitement of Axe Throwing with your team at Whistle Punks Manchester.

What are the Benefits of Team Building Activities in Manchester?

Team building activities in Manchester offer a range of benefits, both for the individual employees and for the teams as a whole.

These activities are designed to improve communication, build trust, and enhance collaboration.

They also provide an enjoyable break from the typical work environment.

Here are some key benefits:

Improved Communication

Team building activities often require participants to communicate effectively to achieve a common goal.

This can help break down barriers in communication and improve understanding among team members.

Enhanced Teamwork

By working together in a non-work context, team members can develop a better understanding of each other’s strengths, weaknesses, and working styles.

This can lead to improved collaboration in the workplace.

Increased Morale and Employee Engagement

Fun and challenging activities can boost team morale and engagement.

When employees feel more connected to their colleagues, they’re often more enthusiastic and invested in their work.

Problem-solving Skills

Many team building activities are centred around solving a problem or overcoming a challenge.

This can enhance critical thinking and problem-solving skills among team members.

Leadership Development

Team building activities often bring out natural leaders.

This can be a great opportunity for employees to develop and showcase their leadership abilities.

Stress Reduction

Engaging in fun and physical activities can be a great stress reliever.

It provides a break from the routine and can help in reducing work-related stress.

Building Trust

Activities that require team members to depend on each other can help in building trust.

This is an essential component of a strong team.

Networking and Building Connections

These activities provide an opportunity for employees to interact and network in a more relaxed setting.

This can lead to stronger interdepartmental relationships and better communication across the organisation.

Identifying Hidden Talents

Team building can reveal skills that may not be apparent in the workplace, helping management recognise potential and hidden talents within their teams.

Cultural Benefits

Manchester’s rich culture and diverse range of activities can add an extra layer of interest and engagement to team building exercises.

This makes them more enjoyable and memorable.

Overall, team building activities in Manchester can significantly contribute to the overall effectiveness, cohesiveness, and productivity of a team.

They’re also a great way to get colleagues together for some fun and enjoyment.

As we wrap up our exploration of team building ideas and activities in Manchester, it’s clear that this vibrant city has so much to offer.

From the adrenaline rush of indoor skydiving to the strategic challenges of escape rooms, each activity promises not just fun, but a chance to forge stronger bonds and create lasting memories.

Whether you’re a local business or visiting for a corporate retreat, these team-building activities are sure to energise, inspire, and bring your team closer than ever.

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Tyler is the founder of Loving Life and has helped support dozens of companies with their team away days and team building events by delivering fun, engaging and interactive sessions that align with company objectives.

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