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signs your boss cares

5 Signs Your Boss Cares About You

Spotting the signs your boss cares may be difficult at times.

We all have times when we may feel undervalued and unappreciated at work.

With busy workloads, lack of communication, and lack of support, we can sometimes convince ourselves that our boss doesn’t care.

However, this doesn’t always mean they don’t; it may just be a question of perception and how we are interpreting the situation.

So here are five reasons that show us that our boss really does care.

Encouraging professional and personal development

When it comes to professional development, high-achievers frequently have tunnel vision. They aspire to learn new things, expand their knowledge and advance in their chosen careers but may underestimate the importance of their personal development.

While personal development may appear to be unrelated to your professional life, it can help you reach your career objectives.

A good boss sees that professional and personal development are equally important and necessary for employees to achieve their full potential.

If your boss is encouraging this through the provision of training on setting goals, or through courses and CPD, this is a sign that shows you they care and you will feel more motivated and able to grow as a person.

Providing wellbeing initiatives

Having the correct health and wellbeing policies in place can boost employee engagement, improve health, reduce absenteeism and boost productivity in the workplace.

Employers without a comprehensive workplace wellbeing strategy risk reduced productivity and an unhappy workforce who feel undervalued and unappreciated.

Initiatives such as wellbeing webinars, onsite massage and team bonding days are all great ways to improve morale, boost confidence, prevent absenteeism, and improve communication and relationships.

They show you that your boss cares about both the physical and mental health of employees and recognises that a happy team is a far more productive and successful one.

Workplace massage

Giving you credit

We have all had or seen instances where credit was given unfairly – senior staff brazenly taking credit for the work of their unseen hard-working employees, silent achievers not being given recognition for their efforts, and credit given to the wrong people and for the wrong things.

When an employer consistently acknowledges and rewards the efforts of their people and teams, employees are more likely to contribute more because they know the system is fair and will fairly reward that contribution.

On the other hand, if credit is consistently misassigned, organisational cancer can develop and individuals and teams lack the  motivation to do their best because they don’t believe anyone will notice if they do.

If your boss gives you credit for helping the company grow and going above and beyond your job role, then this is a sign that they care.

boss showing they care

You feel valued

According to Forbes, recognition is the main thing employees seek from their manager, to encourage and inspire them to produce great work.

When we feel valued we feel more secure and part of a wider team, and feeling good about ourselves ensures we do a better job.

If our boss isn’t recognising this, it can often make us feel disheartened and as if they don’t care.

According to a poll conducted by the American Psychological Association, feeling valued at work is associated with improved physical and mental health, as well as higher levels of engagement, contentment, and motivation. If your boss makes you feel valued, then this is a sign that they care.

Listening and recognition

Communication is a two way process and it can be difficult and lead to misunderstandings.  Listening is a true skill and it is a blessing to care enough to listen intently.

When your boss is paying attention, they will encourage you to talk more about the subject and ask questions to get more information for themselves.

You and your boss may not agree on certain things and that’s all right but a boss that cares will listen to your viewpoint and acknowledge what you have to say even if they do disagree.

Employees who feel that their voices are being heard are more engaged and productive, feel empowered to do better and are more likely to use their voices in the future.

Some bosses use contests, prizes, and bonus structures to encourage their employees to voice their ideas, which has the double impact of improving the company’s bottom line whilst also promoting greater staff involvement.

If your boss takes the time to listen, then this is a sign that they care.

Author –

Tyler Lowe – Health & Wellbeing Speaker

BSc Sport & Exercise Rehabilitation