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Motivate Employees With These 10 Loveable Rewards

We all know that a motivated workforce is a productive one, but how do we keep our teams inspired and driven?

The answer lies in rewards – not just any rewards, but ones that truly resonate with your employees.

In this blog, we’ve curated a list of 10 loveable rewards that are sure to ignite enthusiasm and foster a positive work environment.


Why You Should Provide Rewards to Motivate Employees?

What are the Benefits of Motivating Employees with Rewards?

10 Loveable Rewards to Motivate Employees


Why You Should Provide Rewards to Motivate Employees?

Motivating employees through the use of rewards is a wise decision.

Providing rewards for hard work and accomplishments creates a positive cycle of reinforcement.

Tangible recognition and appreciation in the form of rewards can greatly improve employee morale and engagement.

Ultimately, rewards are a powerful method for promoting optimal performance from employees.


What are the Benefits of Motivating Employees with Rewards?

Motivating employees through rewards can bring numerous advantages for both the company and the employees. For example, it can lead to:

Increased Productivity and Better Performance

When we reward employees for their hard work, it can create a sense of motivation and enthusiasm in them.

By rewarding employees, they can feel recognised, valued and appreciated, which makes them want to continue to do their best.

These positive emotions can lead to increased productivity and better work performance.


Enhanced Employee Satisfaction and Morale

Employee rewards can aid in motivating employees by boosting morale and satisfaction for various reasons.

When employees are rewarded, they get a sense of pride, satisfaction and recognition.

This can make them feel more valued and appreciated.

When an employee feels valued, it can help to boost their satisfaction at work, as well as boost their overall morale.

Lower Employee Turnover Rates

Motivated employees are more likely to stay committed and loyal to the company they work for.

This means that companies will typically spend less time and money replacing new staff.

According to BrightHR, research by Oxford Economics states that the average cost of a staff member leaving is £30,614.

I’m sure a few employee rewards would be worth saving this cost.

Improved Teamwork and Collaboration

Rewarding employees can improve teamwork and collaboration when colleagues know they’re working towards a set goal.

When employees know they’ll be rewarded for achieving certain targets, they’ll work within their power to achieve them.

If this means collaborating with other colleagues to achieve the best result, employees will work together to ensure they get the job done.


Greater Alignment with Company Goals

Employees that are rewarded for aligning with company goals and proactively working towards them, often stay focused.

When staff are rewarded for aligning with the company goals, they are motivated to continue in this fashion.

Overall, rewarding employees for their work provides many benefit and we’ve created a list below of 10 loveable rewards that will help to motivate employees.

10 Loveable Rewards to Motivate Employees

1. On-site Chair Massage

Massage is a great reward to help motivate employees.

On-site massage can help to relax and revitalise employees making them appreciative of the company they work for.

Massage has a vast range of benefits too, including; reducing muscular tension and tightness, reducing stress, improving circulation, reducing muscle soreness, improving sleep and more.

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2. Additional Days Off

When employees go above and beyond, they often work extremely hard.

In some cases, this can lead to burnout.

Rewarding employees with time off gives them time to relax, refresh and reset, so they can return to work with a new life of energy and tackle their next duties with the same commitment and enthusiasm.

Days off can also allow thinking time.

This thinking time could allow employees to come up with new ideas for the business to help it progress even quicker.

3. Flexible Working Hours

Although this is a reward, in my opinion, most companies should try to adopt a flexible working hours policy for their workforce.

Flexible working hours give employees the opportunity to cater to their other commitments.

This is extremely beneficial for those with children, or family members they have to look after.

Allowing flexible working can reward employees for their commitments.

Letting an employee start and finish later due to the school run could ease a vast amount of pressure in their home life.

When employees are happy at home, they often bring this positivity to the workplace.

4. Hire Inspirational Speakers

Rewarding employees with a talk from an inspirational speaker is a win-win for both employer and employee.

Employees benefit as inspirational speakers can help to inspire, encourage and motivate them.

Speeches can often leave employees feeling grateful, appreciative, and fired up.

Employers benefit as an inspirational talk can help to motivate staff so they work more efficiently and productively.

A wellbeing speaker could empower end encourage employees to make positive changes.

5. Show Company-Wide Recognition

Employees love it when they’re recognised.

Recognition helps us to feel valued, appreciated and proud.

When we’re recognised for the hard work we do, it motivates us to continue doing these things.

Using company wide recognition can be a great reward to motivate employees because  we like being appreciated.

Company wide recognition could be rewarded in the form of a company wide email, praising employees in a company wide meeting, or creating posters and flyers to showcase star employees.

6. Monetary Rewards

Money is a tangible way to motivate employees as it’s something they can actually use.

Whether it’s a bonus for completing a specific job task or an increase in salary, financial incentives act as a great way to motivate employees.

Even though some of us do our jobs because we love what we do, we still want to earn a wage.

Employers can also provide employees with additional pension contributions, which can help employees to feel more positive about their financial situation when they retire.

7. Give More Responsibility

This doesn’t seem like a the typical employee reward but more responsibility can often help with employee motivation.

When employers give employees more responsibility, it helps them feel respected, trusted and it gives a greater sense of ownership.

When an employer respects and trusts an employee, the employee usually becomes more motivated in their job role.

More responsibility can also lead to opportunities for personal and professional growth which can act as a powerful employee motivator.

8. Provide Learning Opportunities

Employers can deliver learning opportunities in various ways to improve employee motivation.

Rewarding employees with informative webinars or workshops can provide valuable knowledge which may increase their overall health and wellbeing, therefore increasing motivation.

Providing free training can allow employees to upskill, benefiting both employer and employee.

When employees see constant progress in their job, they often feel more motivated and committed to their role.

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9. Give Employees the Opportunity to Give Back

Giving back can be extremely rewarding and a great way to provide motivation.

When we give to others we often feel a sense of joy, fulfilment and purpose.

Providing employees with the opportunity to give back can allow them to experience all the benefits.

Not to mention, the giving back they do will be helping others which is priceless.

Using this as an employee reward can help the business too.

It can help to improve company reputation, provide a sense of community in the workplace and encourage teamwork.

A win for everyone!

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10. Company Away Day

A company away day could give employees the reset they need.

This could involve a vast range of activities.

Check out our blog on “10 Unique Company Away Day Activities and Ideas” to help you find ideas that employees will love!


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