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Workplace massage

5 Benefits of Corporate Chair Massage

Corporate chair massage is performed on a portable massage chair, in the comfort of your office. It can be delivered in a quiet area or a private room.

It’s designed to be a form of massage that you can receive through clothing and within a short space of time.

Perfect for the corporate sector! It focuses mainly on the neck, shoulders and upper back.

These are common areas of the body that are known for getting tight, tense and uncomfortable for those who sit at their desks, in front of a computer, for hours on end.

Corporate massage London

Why is workplace massage therapy such a great idea?

Below are 5 reasons why!

The Benefits of Corporate Chair Massage

1. Save time

Time is very precious. I’m sure you’ve heard the old saying “time is money”. Well in some working environments it literally is.

Having a chair massage on-site is ideal for the time conscious worker.

With just a 15 minute chair massage, individuals can notice the benefit of having their shoulders loosened and their upper back shown some tender love and care.

Many individuals don’t have the time outside of working hours to take care of their bodies, which is why on-site chair massage is such a great, convenient form of therapy.

Not having to travel means employees can return to work straight away, whilst feeling refreshed, revitalised and ready to tackle their working day.

save time and money with corporate massage

2. Improve mental and physical wellbeing

Massage therapy has been shown to have many benefits. Massage helps to relieve tension within the muscles, improve blood circulation, movement and reduce discomfort or pain.

Having our muscular tension ironed out, and reduced, improves our physical wellbeing, leaving us feeling more relaxed, looser and refreshed.

Massage has also shown to release happy endorphins, which improves our mood, reduces stress, anxiety and helps to maintain a positive mind-set.

Corporate massage saves time and money

3. Reduce sick days

According to the HSE, in 2021/2022, 55% of working days lost, in the UK, were due to stress, anxiety and depression?

This statistic could in fact be much higher. Many individuals may not want to tell their employer they’re not coming to work because they’re stressed.

Would you be comfortable telling your boss this is the reason you’re sick? Could your staff openly tell you this is the reason they’re not coming to work?

Massage has been shown to reduce stress, anxiety and depression.

Unique massage techniques such as acupressure help to relax and relieve the stress, tension and tightness in the muscles that often cause these discomforts.

Workplace massage gives employees an added reason to be in work that day. After all, nobody wants to miss their massage session!

4. Save Money

We’d all love an hour long massage, but when booking a massage outside of working hours, we not only need to find the time, but we have to take into consideration our travel costs, as well as the cost of the service.

These added costs come at a price and having workplace massage saves individuals the cost of having to travel somewhere to get those shoulders relaxed.

Combined with the potential funds saved in the reduction of sick days, this is a great way for both employees and companies to save money.

5. A great perk that employees can tell their friends about!

We all love to feel valued and cared for. Workplace massage not only shows employees that they’re cared about, but it also shows their friends, family members, as well as potential future employees.

Having a company culture that offers such perks, really shows staff they’re cared for and creates a great working environment. After all, a happy workforce is a productive workforce.

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