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Elbow sports massage

5 Reasons a sports massage can help your workouts!

Sports massage is a type of alternative therapy that has shown to be a great treatment type both pre and post exercise to help your workouts. Here are 5 reasons how!

  1. Soothe the pain of those achy muscles

Your muscles can really ache after an intense workout, going beast mode in that circuit class, pumping those legs in the spin class or pounding the pavements running. Sports massage can help to get rid of the knots, tightness and tension that contribute to that annoying ache. It gets fresh blood pumping through the muscles so that they don’t ache as much.


  1. Aids in recovery

Sports massage can help in the recovery and restoring of muscles, encouraging vital nutrients to the muscles, flushing toxins away, speeding up waste removal and improving general health. Swelling and inflammation associated with physical activity can also be reduced. This makes the recovery process much faster!

  1. Increase flexibility

Sports massage can help to loosen those tight muscles and increase their flexibility. Knots, tension and tightness can reduce your flexibility. Many professional athletes have a sports massage before competition to relax the muscles more flexibility and to improve performance. By having a fully qualified therapist iron out those knots, increase your flexibility and relax your muscles you can get back to springing like a chicken in no time!

  1. Decrease chance of injury

Exercising with muscles that are tired and not fully recovered can increase your chance of injury. Having a sports massage can help you get your muscles back to their optimum state. By stretching and massaging the connective tissue in your muscles, sports massage can break down adhesion’s therefore reducing the risk of injury and being out of action.

  1. Makes your muscles work better

Exercising regularly can put a lot of strain on your muscles and the fascia that surrounds them. The fascial system can get all tangled up due to exercise, resulting in muscles not working at their optimum level. Sports massage helps to realign the fascial system as well as the muscle fibers to encourage a smoother, more relaxed muscle. Therefore allowing it to work at its best!