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Employee Massage and The Benefits for Employers

Massage for employees is more than just a luxury perk in the modern workplace, it’s a strategic approach to enhancing employee wellbeing and productivity.

Amidst the demands of tight deadlines and long hours, a rejuvenating massage can be the perfect antidote to stress and fatigue.

In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of integrating massage into your employee wellness program and how it can transform the work environment.

From boosting morale to reducing absenteeism, discover why companies are increasingly turning to massage as a key component of their employee welfare initiatives.


What is Employee Massage?

What are the Benefits of Employee Massage?

How Does Employee Massage Save Businesses Money?

Employee Massage Experiences: Testimonials on Loving Life’s Impact

Steps to Book Massage for Your Employees

What is Employee Massage?

An employee massage is a massage that is provided to an employee as a form of relaxation or stress relief.

This type of massage is often offered by employers as a way to improve the health and wellbeing of their employees, as well as to increase productivity and job satisfaction.

Massage for employees can be provided on-site at the workplace, or employees may be given the option to receive a massage at a nearby massage parlour or spa.

Massage provided by employers differs from company to company but in the UK on-site chair massage is one of the more popular forms of employee massage.

On-site massage is a great option as a staff treat to show employees they’re valued, appreciated and acknowledged.

chair massage wellbeing activity for the workplace

The type of employee massage that we use is Chair massage.

As the name suggests, this is performed while the recipient sits on a specially designed ergonomic massage chair.

Among the various massage modalities available, chair massage is a popular choice in the corporate setting.

Designed for convenience, chair massages are performed with the recipient seated on a specially designed ergonomic chair.

This allows therapists to focus on key areas like the back, shoulders, neck, and arms, which often bear the brunt of prolonged desk work.

A unique aspect of chair massage is the use of acupressure techniques.

Rooted in traditional Chinese medicine, acupressure involves applying pressure to specific points on the body, helping to release tension and promote circulation.

This technique not only provides relief from physical strain but also aids in mental relaxation.

In the UK, the trend of on-site chair massage is on the rise.

Companies see it as a way to boost morale and productivity.

By integrating massage for employees into their wellness initiatives, businesses are emphasising their commitment to the overall wellbeing of their staff.

What are the Benefits of Employee Massage?

There are several potential benefits of providing employee massages at work. Some of these include:

Reduced stress and increased relaxation

Massage can help to reduce muscle tension and promote relaxation, which can help to reduce stress and improve overall wellbeing.


Improved mood and increased energy levels

Massage can also improve mood and increase energy levels, which can help employees to be more productive and focused on their work.

Improved circulation and reduced muscle soreness

Massage can improve blood circulation, which can help to reduce muscle soreness and improve overall physical health.

Improved sleep

Massage can also promote better sleep, which can help employees to be more rested and energised during the workday.

Increased job satisfaction and morale

Employees who receive massages as part of a wellness program may feel more valued and appreciated by their employer, which can lead to increased job satisfaction and morale.

Overall, employee massages can help to improve the health and wellbeing of employees, which can benefit both the employees and the employer.


How Does Employee Massage Save Businesses Money?

There are several ways in which providing employee massages can save money for a business. Some of these money-saving benefits include:

Reduced healthcare costs

Employee massages can help to improve the physical and mental health of employees, which can lead to reduced healthcare costs for the business.

For example, regular massage can help to reduce the risk of chronic conditions such as high blood pressure and headaches, which can result in lower healthcare expenses for the business.

Increased productivity and reduced absenteeism

Employee massages can also help to improve mood, reduce stress, and increase energy levels, which can lead to increased productivity and reduced absenteeism.

This can save the business money by reducing the amount of time that employees are not working due to illness or stress-related issues.


Improved retention and reduced hiring costs

Providing employee massages can also help to improve job satisfaction and morale, which can lead to improved retention and reduced hiring costs. This can save the business money by reducing the need to constantly recruit and train new employees.

Tax benefits

In some cases, employee massages may be eligible for tax deductions as a business expense. This can save the business money by reducing the amount of taxes that the business has to pay. However, please ensure you seek the advice of a professional accountant to be sure.

Overall, providing employee massages can have a vast range of benefits that could potentially save your business money.

On-site massage is a great perk for any company and is a great addition to help employees feel valued, appreciated and cared for.

Employee Massage Experiences: Testimonials on Loving Life’s Impact

Lionsgate UK

“Loving Life delivered massage to our staff and those lucky enough to get a treatment couldn’t stop speaking about how great it was.

Loving Life also gave us an educational workshop, the highlight of this was definitely the blood pressure tests.

Our team loved looking at their blood pressure and it definitely gave many of us some things to think about.”



“We’ve been using Loving Life for nearly a year now and the level of service they’ve provided for our in office chair massages has been second to none.

We’ve had such great feedback from our staff since switching to them and, for such a little lady, Nadia sure knows how to get rid of the knots and tension that are so common for people sitting behind a desk all day!

I’d definitely recommend them to any company looking to treat their staff.”


Tyler and his team have been fantastic and provided excellent customer service for our team at DAZN.

We booked their chair massage services for our London office.

This was a great success , so we decided to treat our teams in Leeds.

We are working in a really fast-paced environment so it was a real treat for our people to relax.

Due to the amazing feedback that we received from our teams, we will be booking Loving Life services again.

Steps to Book Massage for Your Employees

As businesses seek innovative ways to enhance employee morale and health, massages for employees have emerged as a popular choice.

Follow these steps to bring this transformative experience to your workplace.

Understand the Benefits

Start by familiarising yourself with the numerous advantages of on-site chair massage.

Chair massages can boost workplace morale, alleviate stress, and contribute to overall employee health.


Assess Your Requirements

Determine the frequency (e.g., weekly, fortnightly, a one off) and the number of employees you’d like to offer the chair massage to.

Tailor the sessions to fit your workplace’s specific needs.

Contact a Provider

While there are several providers out there, we recommend getting in touch with us at Loving Life for a specialised and tailored experience.

Connect with our dedicated team either through our website or via our contact number to discuss your specifications and receive tailored recommendations.

Check out our On-site massage page.

We’re predominantly based in London but have therapists all over the UK.


Set a Date

After finalising your preferences with the provider, fix a date and time that aligns with your employees’ schedules.

Ensure the sessions cause minimal disruption to the workday.

Allocate a Suitable Area

Designate a quiet, relaxed space for the massage sessions.

While the therapists will bring all the necessary tools for the chair massage, a quiet setting will further enhance the relaxation experience for your employees.

This could be in an empty meeting room, or quiet corner of the office.

Gather Feedback

After the initial session, solicit feedback from your team.

Use this feedback to refine future sessions and ensure the best experience for your employees.

If the feedback is positive, (which it will be working with us) consider organising regular chair massage sessions.

Champion Employee Wellbeing

Beyond the chair massage sessions, foster a wellness-centric environment in your workplace.

Encourage employees to take frequent breaks, maintain proper posture, and engage in activities that bolster their mental and physical health and wellbeing.

Author –

Tyler Lowe – Health & Wellbeing Speaker

BSc Sport & Exercise Rehabilitation