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How can office massages benefit your company?

The key to success for any company is to put their employees’ wellbeing at the forefront. This blog will outline the benefits of office massages to both a company and its employees.

According to HSE, stress, depression or anxiety, and musculoskeletal disorders accounted for a combined 26.8 million days missed due to work-related illness, respectively.

Massage therapy has been thoroughly researched and shown to relieve stress, depression, musculoskeletal disorders and more! It goes without saying that if it is offered to your employees, you may minimise the number of worker days missed. Therefore, saving the business money and increasing productivity.

What is an office massage?

An office massage is when a massage therapist comes into a company and conducts fully clothed chair massages for its employees.

An office massage is performed in a purpose-built massage chair in a quiet area and is performed through your clothes, so no oils are required.

The massage therapist will provide the massage chair and anything else that is required. Each massage can last between 15 and 30 minutes and involves treatment on the upper back, head, neck, and shoulders.

The massage provides them with a small break in their day to unwind which can also increase their happiness and productivity.

What are the benefits of an office massage?

For the employeeFor the company
Relieves mental stress and anxiety.Increases productivity.
Enhances creative thinking.Assists in the prevention of absenteeism.
Helps to clear the mind.Retains employees in your organisation.
Soothes emotions.Encourages a

happy and calm


Improves team morale.When employees feel valued, they work harder.
Improves focus and concentration.Shows a positive reflection on the company.

Having an office massage also has physical benefits as well. Many people at work experience a dip in energy at some point during the day. This might be due to a shortage of blood flow to the body’s cells.

Classic massage methods, in addition to boosting corporate wellness, improve healthy blood flow throughout the body, awakening all of your cells and reactivating your brain.

The office staff who are slumped over their computers all day might suffer from significant and chronic neck and back pain, muscular tightness, and arm, wrist, and hand difficulties as a result of repeated strain.

Getting a massage at work might help employees work out those knots and reduce muscle stress in their bodies.

Massage is also frequently used as a stress-relieving method to relieve (and even prevent) severe migraines.

What is the difference between an office massage and a massage chair?

On-site massage vs chair massage
Though models differ, the main objective of a massage chair is to deliver massage-like sensations on the body. This means that human touch is not required to deliver this massage.

If you’re considering stress management for your organisation, you might be contemplating which option is best: an office massage or a massage chair

However, human touch, according to studies, transmits messages to the neurological and endocrine systems that assist to relieve tension and create stress-reducing chemicals. This is not the case with a massage chair.

Overall, most massage chairs are proficient at one particular thing — vibration. This method is used by massage therapists when there is a very difficult trigger point or a high-tension region.

The key distinction is that a therapist would never devote a whole massage session to this method, despite the fact that it appears to be the primary capability of electronic massage chairs.

Other techniques of massaging the body, such as compression on the legs and arms, are available in the more costly massage treatment chairs. Internal rollers that move up and down the back can also be found. None of those added elements, however, are as customisable as a massage therapist’s work.

There are no case-by-case examinations since automatic massage treatment chairs are programmed. Massage therapists, on the other hand, tailor each session to the specific needs of each client.

Tailored sessions delivered by a therapist make office massage more enjoyable and beneficial.

Who can deliver office massages for my company?

Loving Life’s therapists employ a variety of approaches to provide the most personalised treatment possible for each client. Since everyone is different and prefers various techniques, it’s critical that we adapt each session to the client’s requirements and desires.

Acupressure, kneading, trigger point therapy, effleurage, gliding, rhythmic compression, and other methods are used by our therapists.

Each session is tailored to the individual’s stress and anxiety, utilising the most effective techniques available.

It’s simple to request Loving Life to visit your place of business.

To make things easy we set up an online booking system that allows clients to schedule their appointments at their leisure.

This means, no double bookings, automated email reminders and ease of access.

Once dates and session lengths have been booked by management, employees can make a booking at any time of day or night using our online booking system, regardless of whether it is during our business hours or not.

On the designated day, we arrive with everything we’ll need to do the onsite massage. All your organisation needs to do is make sure that everyone knows when and where their appointment is.

All massage therapists at Loving Life are properly insured and qualified to perform on-site and office chair massages.