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what to wear to a sports massage

What To Wear To A Sports Massage?

Have you just booked your first sports massage and are wondering what clothing to wear?

Or maybe you haven’t been in so long, that you’ve simply forgotten.

Look no further, we are here to help!

What the massage therapist needs from you

During your massage, it’s important that your sports massage therapist has access to the areas you wish to be targeted. In order to get the best out of your sports massage the therapist ideally needs direct access to your skin. This will allow the therapist to perform the techniques they need to in order to give you the best massage possible.

Top half clothing

If you want your sports massage on your upper body, then you will need to remove any clothing from your back to allow the therapist to work their magic.

Most therapists are happy to work around you and what you’re comfortable with but for best results, having no piece of clothing on your top half allows the therapist to massage smoothly without clothing getting in the way.

A good therapist will have you covered with a towel and only the areas that are being worked on will be exposed.

If you’re a lady and you’re not comfortable being topless, that’s okay. Wearing a normal bra that is easily unclipped will allow the therapist to access your back. You can keep your bra on, but ideally you’ll allow the therapist to unclip it, or you’ll unclip it for them. Therapists can work around bra’s if kept on, but it’s not ideal.

If you want the front of your shoulders seen to, it’s okay to keep your bra on and a good therapist will have your lady parts covered with a towel.

Bottom half clothing

Wearing sports shorts or short tights are both fine for your sports massage. These will need to be shorts that can easily be rolled up. If the therapist needs to target the top of your quadriceps and your hip flexors then the shorts will need to be freely moving to allow for this.

If you’re comfortable, it may be easier to wear underwear. As mentioned, a good therapist will keep you covered with a towel and only the areas that need to be exposed will be exposed.

You can rest assured that your private parts will be covered at all times and any therapist that doesn’t stick to this is breaking code!

What not to wear!

Many assume that just because it’s a sports massage that they should come in sports clothing. This isn’t necessarily the case. Things like sports tights (Full length) and sports bras can be a nightmare for therapists as these don’t allow access to the skin. A sports bra is usually clunky and covers a lot of the back and if you are going to wear a bra, then it’s best to wear a normal one. One that you don’t mind massage oils or wax getting on.

Full length tights don’t allow any access to the skin and massaging over clothes is not going to work. I’m sure your therapist would be happy to accommodate, but you won’t get the full benefit of the session if you have your clothes on.

Where can I get a sports massage?

If you’re in London, then our West London treatment site is the place to be. Check out the link below for our opening times and location!