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Alcohol Awareness Week

  Posted December 21, 2021     Health and Wellbeing

After a long day at work, on a night out, or for a special event, some individuals like an alcoholic drink. Drinking may be used as an escape to help you forget about the problems you're having in life, or it can simply be used to unwind and relax. The Chief...

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Blue monday

Within this blog, we'll take a closer look at the original Blue Monday concept. Then lastly, we’ll highlight 5 tips to help cope with the doldrums that Blue Monday may cause. Academics have labelled the Blue Monday notion "pseudoscience" in recent years. Whether it's superstitious nonsense or not, there's no doubting that...

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Wellbeing gift for staff

This blog is for companies seeking wellbeing gifts ideas for their staff that promote a healthy lifestyle. It's critical to choose presents for your staff that are meaningful and personal, or that make a genuine impact in their lives. With Blue Monday, the most depressing day of the year, approaching, it...

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Talent manager

When it comes to being a Talent Manager it can be a little confusing as to what it actually is. Are they hired to just recruit and manage talent? Well, it’s a little more complex than that. A talent manager is someone whose job role is to retain and attract...

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Emotional Wellbeing

  Posted November 29, 2021     Health and Wellbeing
emotional wellbeing

The term "emotional wellbeing" usually conjures up good images of anticipation, pleasure, compassion, and acceptance. However, how we deal with negative emotions is perhaps the most important determinant of our emotional wellbeing. What is emotional wellbeing? According to the Mental Health Foundation, emotional wellbeing is the ability of an individual...

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People Manager

  Posted November 18, 2021     Health and Wellbeing
People manager

So, you want to know what it takes to become a people manager? Well, you’ve come to the right place! To put it simply…you can't manage if you can't manage people. Being a manager is difficult because what works for one team or one person seldom applies to everyone. What...

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wellbeing workshops

Organising a variety of wellbeing workshops is one method a company may assist with its employees' wellbeing. This is because feelings of wellbeing are fundamental to the overall health of an individual. The workshops should provide a variety of tools and methods for everyone (staff, leaders and managers, HR, etc.) This would...

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World Wellbeing Week

  Posted October 25, 2021     Health and Wellbeing
world wellbeing week

What is world wellbeing week? Wellbeing World organises World Wellbeing Week every year. It provides us with the chance to raise general knowledge of the various components of wellbeing. This comprises social, physical, emotional, and financial, professional, community, and environmental wellbeing. World Wellbeing Week also serves as a platform for the...

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How can office massages benefit your company?

  Posted October 22, 2021     Massage

The key to success for any company is to put their employees’ wellbeing at the forefront. This blog will outline the benefits of office massages to both a company and its employees. According to HSE, stress, depression or anxiety, and musculoskeletal disorders accounted for a combined 26.8 million days missed...

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Lunch and learn events are a great way to provide an element of fun during a lunch break. This can engage and motivate employees (if done successfully). In this blog post, we'll look at how this concept may boost employee morale while also inspiring them to keep learning. In order...

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