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No successful workplace wants their employees to be unhappy at work but sadly it’s a reality for millions of people across the world. Employee Unhappiness affects many things in the workplace including productivity, retention, and workplace culture. Understanding the reasons behind employee unhappiness is crucial for creating a positive and...

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For many companies, the pandemic seemed like a lifetime ago, but its impact has drastically changed how many organisations work. Whether it’s the shift to more remote teams, the implementation of flexible hours, or the adoption of new technologies, these changes have fundamentally altered the way we work. In this...

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Is Confidence a Skill?

  Posted June 6, 2024     Health and Wellbeing

Most of us know or have seen somebody who seems effortlessly confident in whatever they do and it can often leave us wondering if this is a skill they have learnt, or part of their natural genetics. In this blog we are going to look a little deeper into the...

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World Wellbeing Week 2024

  Posted June 5, 2024     Health and Wellbeing

This global celebration is dedicated to the many facets of wellbeing, including physical, mental, and emotional health.World Wellbeing Week offers an opportunity to reflect on what wellbeing means to us and share our journeys and experiences.Whether through mindfulness practices, healthy eating, education, physical activities, or other things, World Wellbeing Week...

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Sometimes the standard business development workshops can be repetitive, dull, and uninspiring. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of workshops that can uniquely approach business development. At the heart of business development are the employees. We believe the first step to business development is empowering, inspiring, and motivating employees. As...

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Men's health week

Men's Health is something that isn't always talked about and its time this started to change! Men's health week provides an opportunity for companies, individuals and establishments to highlight some of the struggles men around the world continue to face as well as showcase support options. In this blog we'll...

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As a leader, the fate of your company’s future and the wellbeing of your employees rest in your hands. Workplaces that do not create a positive culture have higher staff turnover, lower employee engagement, more absenteeism, less trust, and more! All of which contribute to lower profits. In this article...

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Did you know that in some countries employees enjoy over 30 days of annual leave, along with shorter work weeks, and the ability to prioritise quality family time! In this article, we’re going to look at 5 countries with the best work-life balance which might make you think about relocating....

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According to Timeout, the UK is the world’s second most miserable country. But how does this impact the workplace? Whether it’s the often grey sky, long working hours, stagnant wages, lack of work-life balance, or something else, it needs to change! In this article, we’re going to look at why...

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