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5 Wellbeing Workshops To Support Your Employees

Organising a variety of wellbeing workshops is one method a company may assist with its employees’ wellbeing. This is because feelings of wellbeing are fundamental to the overall health of an individual.

The workshops should provide a variety of tools and methods for everyone (staff, leaders and managers, HR, etc.) This would allow for immediate assistance and resources for all sorts of mental and physical health concerns that could arise at work.

Employees who are in good physical and mental health are more motivated, committed, productive, adaptable, and less prone to absenteeism. This makes them more likely to remain with a company for a longer period of time.

In 2020, Champion discovered that 58% of a 2,099-employee sample experienced work-related stress, with 69% experiencing moderate to high levels of stress overall.

It is believed that organisations lose 1000s of productive hours every month as a result of poor wellbeing among employees.

What is a wellbeing workshop?

Wellbeing workshops are interactive programmes intended to engage, educate, and encourage employees. This is so they can adopt positive wellbeing into their daily lives, both in and out of work.

Employees adopting positive wellbeing in their daily life can benefit a company because they are more likely to be more productive.

Stress management methods, workplace wellbeing tips, motivation and goal setting, injury prevention and suggestions on achieving a work-life balance are just a few of the topics that can be covered.

Wellbeing workshops are an excellent approach to bring colleagues together since it allows for the exchange of knowledge and the discussion of pertinent concerns. Increasing awareness can assist to normalise the conversation about workplace wellbeing and mental health, despite the stigma associated with it.

Hand-outs and toolkits provided in the session offer support to employees because they can explore the topics further themselves.

Wellbeing workshops are important because having an understanding of wellbeing strategies can promote greater calm and overall wellbeing

What are the benefits of a wellbeing workshop?

Workshops on employee health are an important element of developing a successful employee wellbeing programme because it shows that a company is fulfilling their duty of care. Workshops enable a company to deliver practical health information in a fun and collaborative way. Consider the following advantages when determining whether or not to hold an educational wellbeing workshop for your company:

Employee BenefitsEmployer Benefits
Positive learning experienceIncreases employee productivity
Supports their physical wellbeingReduces employee absence
Motivational encouragementImproves employee retention
Develops a positive mindset

Reduces unsatisfied employees

Can boost their confidenceImprove employee engagement
Supports their mental wellbeingFulfils their duty of care
Allows them to be more productiveSaves the business money long term
Can make employees more resilientCreates a positive company culture

5 wellbeing workshops to support your employees

Coping with stress

coping with stress workshop

This workshop explores methods for lowering stress and provides valuable information, suggestions, and ideas to assist in the development of skills to cope with and manage stress.

Its goal is to educate employees and managers about stress, specifically how to recognise warning signs in the workplace.

It focuses on what stress is, how to cope with it in a straightforward yet efficient manner, self-evaluation, and alternate coping strategies.

This can benefit a company in many ways because employees who can manage their stress can help maintain a strong, healthy workplace culture that’s conducive to creativity and productivity

Improve physical wellbeing

physical wellbeing workshops

This session examines methods for minimising bodily discomforts, giving helpful knowledge, suggestions, and ideas to enhance and maintain an individual’s wellness.

It is meant to educate people on the skills, information, and understanding required to maintain their physical wellbeing. This may revolutionise a company by motivating its staff, increasing their energy since it encourages them to remain physically active.

It concentrates on bodily discomforts, injuries, ailments, and problems that employees may be facing which as a result can affect their productivity.

These sessions can support a business because good physical wellbeing can lower the risk of sickness and infection. This means that the number of employees that call in sick can be drastically reduced.

Working from home – best practice

working from home - best practice workshop

This workshop explores ways of reducing those physical discomforts, providing useful knowledge, tips and ideas to help improve an employee’s working from home experience.

It focuses on postural discomforts, positioning and issues that employees may be facing working from home.

The workshop also covers how a workplace configuration may impact an employee’s posture and cause pain or injury. It explains how minor adjustments may mean the difference between good and poor posture. It also shows them how to put these changes into practice.

This workshop can help reduce employee sick days considering that 8.9 million working days are lost due to Musculoskeletal disorders.

Diabetes awareness

Diabetes awareness workshop

This workshop looks at methods to reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes by giving vital information. Additionally, it looks at lifestyle and habit advice and educates employees about the world’s rapidly expanding health issues.

It focuses on informing employees about diabetes, including what it is, the different types, the risks and causes, and how to prevent and avoid it.

This particular workshop can help improve employee health since diabetes is the fastest growing health condition in modern society.

Monday morning motivation

Monday morning motivationThis workshop will cover how to motivate employees, which is vital since it will help them prepare for the week ahead. It is accomplished by providing essential information, activities, lifestyle and habit advice and as a result these assists employees with boosting their enthusiasm.

Movement and motivating exercises are a big part of the session and therefore the goal is to develop a clear focus for the upcoming week. This will consist of a mild physical warmup, mental relaxation, and positive thought exploration.

This workshop can help bring more innovation into a company because motivated employees are more inclined to improve the business.

Who delivers Loving Life Wellbeing Workshops?


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Tyler travelled around Australia and Southeast Asia after obtaining a degree in sport and exercise therapy considering that is his passion. He created Loving Life in 2015 after his homecoming and hasn’t looked back since.

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Hosting entertaining, educational, engaging, and interactive wellbeing webinars have helped Loving Life survive these challenging times. It has also been inspiring to enhance the wellbeing of many employees because he’s helped them to ‘live life better.’