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national fitness day

National Fitness Day

National Fitness Day is a day to recognise the vital role that physical activity plays in helping us all live healthier lives.

Whilst eating a balanced diet and getting your five a day is essential for optimal health and fitness; exercise and physical activity are just as important.

It is easy to live a life with limited natural physical exercise in the modern world, when a sedentary desk job is common and commuting to work is typically by car or public transport. This makes us aware of the importance of consciously scheduling time for exercise, whether it’s a walk in the park or some weightlifting at the gym!

When is National Fitness Day?

exercising on national fitness day

National Fitness Day 2022 will be on 22 September as it was last year.

Thanks to the participation of the UK’s gyms, pools, leisure facilities and internet providers, over 22 million people of all ages, skills and backgrounds were motivated to get active on this day.

Why do we have National Fitness Day?

National Fitness Day is a terrific time to start or enhance your fitness journey. By establishing a workout programme, you will notice both physical and emotional benefits.

By engaging in just 150 minutes of moderate activity each week (for adults), you are already lowering your risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and cancer!

Since the Covid-19 pandemic highlighted the effect on mental health this has been recognised as an even more prominent concern than in previous years. Sport has long been regarded as one of the most effective approaches to counteract mental health deterioration.

People often find themselves not participating in sports and fitness for a variety of reasons, including lack of time, confidence or funds, as well as access to local facilities. Sometimes the scaremongering might make individuals feel bad for not following the advice.

Therefore, for one day, it is suggested that you set aside your guilt and excuses and have some fun being active.

4 ways companies can participate in National Fitness Day

fitness online

The morale, health, and wellbeing of our workforces have never been more vital for all organisations.

The challenges faced by businesses over the last couple of years will have presented a wide range of different obstacles. There is no question that the uncertainty is here to stay for the time being; nevertheless, one thing is certain – fitness can unify us.

Individually, we know that there has been a shift in personal attitudes towards fitness throughout the global pandemic. It is now more critical than ever that employers encourage their staff to become more active.

Online sessions

With the ongoing restrictions, it’s critical that everyone feels secure when participating in exercise activities.

Online sessions will continue to promote client participation but from the comfort and safety of their own homes. With a motivational instructor leading the activity, all you need is a camera and household objects to get everyone engaged.

Loving Life offers webinars and workshops to companies seeking to improve the wellbeing of their workforce. On National Fitness Day, companies can select our tailored online energiser session or improve your physical wellbeing webinar so that their employees can get involved.

Organise an event/competition

Encourage participation with a National Fitness Day themed competition or event, such as a strength contest or a stamina-based run. This will motivate employees to compete against one another, generating interest and increasing engagement with a bit of friendly rivalry.

You might want to provide additional incentives, such as a free month’s gym membership as a reward to entice people to work out after the event.

Group Activities

Running a National Fitness Day group activity will encourage employees to be active together. This can be anything from a group swimming class, tennis lessons or even a yoga class. This is equally important for mental wellbeing. Being active together means sharing the experience with the ability to support and encourage each other.

Organise a trip to your local leisure facility

Companies might arrange for their staff to visit their local sports centre together, improving their physical health and team morale.

Gym operators and physical activity providers throughout the UK play a prominent role on the day. They deliver free trial sessions and gym passes to the public. Sports sessions, swimming, ‘plank-offs’, yoga and pilates courses, treadmill challenges, high-street HIIT (high-intensity interval training) classes, dance-offs, mass walks, and many more activities will be available to your staff so start your planning now!