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world wellbeing week

World Wellbeing Week

What is world wellbeing week?

Wellbeing World organises World Wellbeing Week every year. It provides us with the chance to raise general knowledge of the various components of wellbeing.

This comprises social, physical, emotional, and financial, professional, community, and environmental wellbeing.

World Wellbeing Week also serves as a platform for the world’s major organisations to host their own events. It demonstrates their appreciation for their valued workers, consumers, partners, and suppliers while highlighting their wellbeing strategies and activities.

When is world wellbeing week?

World Wellbeing Week takes place every year during the last week of June and is now in its third year. The 2021 campaign took place from June 21st to June 25th.

The 2022 campaign is due to take place from June 20th to June 24th.

Wellbeing World coordinated the campaign, which aims to promote recognition of wellness, its relevance in society, and corporate wellbeing.

When is Global Wellness Day?

On June 12, 2021, Global Wellness Day was commemorated with a 12-hour free live stream event that began in New Zealand and finished in Los Angeles. It emphasises the significance of “living well.”

The next Global Wellness Day will be held on Saturday, June 11th, 2022.

Why do we have world wellbeing week?

World Wellbeing Week is an excellent chance to discuss all things wellbeing.

Whether it comes to our mental or physical wellbeing, we’ve all been tested during the last year or two. We’ve all had to adapt to being at home and not being able to participate in our normal activities.

The pandemic has also shown a capability to adapt, with individuals adjusting psychologically and physically. It has introduced new approaches and resilience, and the term ‘wellbeing’ seems to be the topic of conversation.

Therefore, the goal of the event is to increase the general knowledge of the many aspects of wellbeing, especially during this time.

World wellbeing week acts as a reminder that without our health we are unable to perform the jobs that we’re hired to do.

Therefore, having a week to highlight this is extremely important.

Although wellbeing should be taken seriously all year round, this week helps to remind us all, why our mental and physical wellbeing matters.

What services can companies offer during world wellbeing week?

office massage

Provide office massages

Hiring a massage therapist to come to the workplace and give massages to stressed staff would be a lovely touch. This would make them feel at ease and ready to work.

An office massage is given on a specially designed massage chair in a relaxed setting, and it is done through their clothing, so no oils are used.

The massage therapist will offer the massage chair as well as any other necessary equipment. The upper back, head, neck, and shoulders are all considered during each massage, which can take anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes.

team trip to the bar

 Organise fun team activities

Without the burden of organised ‘team building’, employers could host a sports day, a trip to the bar, or any enjoyable team activity. This may be the greatest way to develop cohesiveness and encourage healthy employee connections.

Workplace connections are critical for a healthy work environment and employee welfare. Employees may unwind and have some fun while participating in team-building activities, which decreases stress levels.

Since many people work from home, staying connected is more vital (and difficult) than ever. But it also implies that now is the ideal moment to assist your staff in connecting with one another.

Wellbeing workshops

Provide wellbeing workshops

Workshops on employee health are an essential part of achieving a successful employee wellbeing programme. Workshops are a fun and collaborative method for an organisation to offer practical health knowledge.

Employees should be able to learn from a range of tools and approaches during the sessions. This would allow for rapid help and support for any mental or physical health issues that could emerge at work.

Wellbeing workshops can also be performed as part of a lunch and learn which is a great workshop-style when it comes to looking after staff wellbeing.

Book Club

Start a book club

Reading is a great, healthy, beneficial hobby. A book club may allow individuals to unwind and interact with one another in a welcoming, collaborative environment.

Book clubs are a low-cost, high-return method to build a sense of community among your workers, whether they all work in the same office or are dispersed across the world.

It promotes positive working connections and provides something for everyone to speak about.

Yoga Class

Start a morning yoga class

Yoga is an excellent kind of exercise that is low-intensity enough to raise heart rates without tiring the employees before the day has even begun. It can be introduced to employees as an excellent fitness choice.

Yoga keeps your workers physically active, healthy, and mentally flexible.

Employees may notice less tension and weariness after a few lessons. It may also increase productivity, focus, and enjoyment at work, as well as enhanced posture and physical wellbeing.