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5 Wellbeing Gift Ideas for your Staff

This blog is for companies seeking wellbeing gifts ideas for their staff that promote a healthy lifestyle.

It’s critical to choose presents for your staff that are meaningful and personal, or that make a genuine impact in their lives.

With Blue Monday, the most depressing day of the year, approaching, it is important to express your gratitude for your staff.

With lockdowns and remote working taking their toll during the gloomy winter months, we’ve compiled a list of 5 wellbeing-boosting gifts ideas to cheer up your staff.

What is staff wellbeing?

The condition of a staff member’s physical and mental health as it relates to working directly in the workplace is referred to as staff wellbeing, also known as employee wellbeing. This might involve their physical health, posture at their desk, connections with supervisors, co-workers, and clients, as well as their mental health and emotional wellbeing.

Promoting staff wellbeing is beneficial to both individuals and organisations since it may help minimise stress and promote healthy working conditions.

According to the CIPD’s health and wellbeing report, just 40% of UK firms have a distinct employee wellbeing programme, according to a poll conducted by HR managers. Furthermore, mental health is the leading cause of long-term unplanned absences, accounting for 56% of all long-term absences.

Why is employee wellbeing important?

Work is important in most people’s lives, and not simply because it provides a source of revenue. It can provide us with a feeling of purpose and accomplishment, as well as an opportunity to socialise and form connections with our co-workers.

Every year, people with mental health issues lose their jobs at a rate that is almost double that of those without a mental health issue, and considerably greater than those with a physical health problem.

Working might have a bad impact on one’s mental wellbeing at times, but it can also have a very good impact. A welcoming, inclusive workplace can assist to avoid new mental health issues and enable those who are struggling with their mental wellbeing to continue at work and flourish.

Why should you give your staff a wellbeing gift?

A thoughtful gift is sometimes the greatest approach to show your team that you care, especially if they have lately been experiencing poor moods or loneliness.

Furthermore, research reveals that actions of generosity might help enhance your staff’s mental wellbeing! It generates happy emotions, a sense of accomplishment, and may increase their self-worth by providing them with a sense of societal purpose.

Furthermore, wellbeing gifts are excellent for your company’s image. When staff feel appreciated, they will spread the news. This will result in a stronger public image and a greater chance of acquiring top talent.

5 wellbeing gift ideas for your staff

Onsite Massages

Onsite Massage

Getting a massage at the office offers physical benefits as well. At some time during the day, many people at work suffer a loss of energy. This may be related to a lack of blood flow to the body’s cells.

Traditional massage techniques increase healthy blood flow throughout the body. It also wakes up all of your cells and reactivates your brain, in addition to enhancing corporate wellbeing.

As a result of repetitive strain, office workers who are stooped over their computers all day may get substantial and chronic neck and back discomfort, muscle stiffness, and arm, wrist, and hand issues.

Getting a massage at work may assist employees in working out knots and reducing muscle stress.


Candle wellbeing gift

Scented candles, especially those filled with essential oils, are wonderful for unwinding.

Lavender, rose, and chamomile, in particular, is known for their relaxing properties. Aromatherapeutic candles are effective in the treatment of a variety of psychological and physiological diseases. Depression and anxiety candles are particularly popular.

A candle’s warm glow provides various advantages for someone trying to enhance their sleep hygiene. A candle’s flame is a far superior option to a smartphone’s blue light.

With the capacity to reduce cortisol, scented candles can assist to promote calm and alleviating stress symptoms. Certain candles are made to trigger brain chemicals like serotonin and dopamine, which help to maintain a pleasant mood.

Exercise Workshops

Loving life workshop

Investing in a remote exercise workshop for your staff demonstrates that you care about their wellbeing. When they’re going through a difficult period, it’s more vital than ever for them to take care of themselves physically.

If you have a globally dispersed staff, video-based services might be a terrific method to demonstrate your appreciation.

Loving Life provides tailored online energiser sessions. It is possible to participate in a private live session. A two-way live stream is included in their 10-15 minute online private corporate energiser sessions. This allows employees to interact with one another as well as the instructor.

These sessions do more than keep your team in shape. During these incredibly disjointed times, they also aid team bonding.

Company retreats

Company retreat as a wellbeing gift for staff

Companies can benefit greatly from retreats for team building, brainstorming, and relaxed creativity. Companies could see improved cooperation and productivity during their getaways.

You might organise a one-day offsite retreat near your office or a multi-day excursion out of the country. You may be creative, have fun discussing ideas, and create an atmosphere that everyone will appreciate while preparing the perfect business retreat for your team.

Time Off

taking a break

One of the finest methods to demonstrate employee gratitude is to give them time off work. This provides your staff with the freedom to visit friends, volunteer, practise a hobby, or take a brief vacation.

These additional days off do not need to be scheduled or constant. An unexpected additional day off might show a hardworking employee how much you value their efforts.

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